Aligning communications across all touch-points.

Targeting the right customers with the right message.

Ensuring employees, vendors and contractors all understand what the business does and why. 

Defining brand standards for tone and consistency.



Collecting, analyzing and using data for decision making for companies, departments and brands

This includes:
-market research, 
-data mining and surveying, 
-data infrastructure, 



Supporting the power of innovation with a solid foundation and proven best practices. 

Creating structure for start-ups in the technology, social media and consumer products arenas. 

Restructuring of legal, retail and financial services businesses as well as C-Suite and reporting structures.



Empowering teams and business departments to define their strategic initiatives and roll out to the organization.



Creating retention plans for valuable employees by aligning their jobs and career path with personal values and organizational goals.



Determining the best paths for growth including:
-strategic alliances,
-asset sales.



Using diagnostic tools and established best-practices to create product and business road maps that garner buy-in from employees up to the board-level.



Creating company statements (Vision, Mission, Values, Principles etc) and identify the best ways to communication and integrate into the business.



Amplify results by orienting cross-functional teams toward a common goal. 

Which of these outcomes to most want to attain?
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About Me

I am an entrepreneur, advisor and coach.

My time spent in the worlds of politics, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups lends me the perspectives and experience that serves my clients on all levels.

As a career generalist my expertise is  seeing patterns, understanding connectivity, and formulating solutions. 

I look forward to sharing my ability to clarify complexity, design elegant solutions with you and your team for everyone’s success. 

About Giffords Group

I formed Giffords Group to build an organization of professionals with diverse skills that share common values. We create impact by integrating a generalist perspective with tactical skills and embedding with clients to ensure solutions are integrated and seamless.

In addition to curiosity, collaboration, accountability and professional excellence we value time – ours and our clients. We don’t believe in excess meetings or unfocused documentation. 

Our engagements are bespoke, yet in every case we avoid needless disruption of current operations and achieve outcomes by maximizing existing capabilities and resources.

Who We

Work With


Organizations with a
-willingness to tie each engagement to a defined output,
-an understanding that decisions in the details have a seismic impact on broader business goals
-a mind-set open to considering new solutions to old pain points.
Leaders who are
-experts, yet aware of their limitations and -surround themselves with excellence
-who are driven by their past success to create future successes for themselves and those around them.
From organization to individual leaders who know that they grow best and fastes when they have a thought partner who
-engages deeply,
-challenges respectfully and
-actively partners in finding options, opportunities, and solutions.