About Leadership

Ego slows progress. Every time.

Knowing what matters to people and serving those needs is the quickest way to create loyalty.

It is impossible for the same person to be in the trenches and see the landscape.

Having trustworthy and strong advisors is the key to staying on track, moving quickly and scaling for growth.

About Culture

If you expect to be in business, expect to focus on culture.

Great Culture = Great People = Great Results

Defined principles and goals attract aligned employees and customers.

About Growth

Start-ups need structure.  End of story.

Efficient processes can make up for a lack of resources.  Too much process can drag down an entire organization. Find the sweet spot.

Be committed to a vision and unattached to a defined path to accomplish it.

Leapfrogging is the result of preparation + intention + action.

Each AiM application is bespoke,

yet must meet one criteria – that we can make an impact in resolving pain points and helping individuals and businesses reach their goals. 

The AiM process of assessing, aligning, and acting become second nature for individuals and teams.

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ways the AiM methodology will support you. 

About Me

I am an entrepreneur, advisor and coach.

My time spent in the worlds of politics, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups lends me the perspectives and experience that serves my clients on all levels.

As a career generalist my expertise is  seeing patterns, understanding connectivity, and formulating solutions. I use these skills to reach across organizations and unite silos of experts towards a common goal. I also work 1:1 with clients to align outcomes and maximize impact.

I’ve built successful businesses and faced dramatic challenges. In learning how to ride the waves of business and life I’ve mastered how to get back up — every time.

I am committed to…
⦿ Being of service
⦿ Sharing my ability to clarify complexity and design elegant solutions
⦿ Building success for my clients and myself.
⦿ Having fun while working hard.

I love that my clients are...

⦿ confident in where they are now, proud of how they got there, and sure of where they want to go

⦿ independent, creative, and driven.

⦿ the type to see their successes as stepping stones rather than milestones

⦿ experts, yet aware of their limitations and surround themselves with excellence.

⦿ driven by their past success to do more, learn more and give more to create future successes for themselves and those around them. 

⦿ energized and inspired by mental challenges that stretch them.

⦿ prioritize and value having a thought partner who engages deeply, challenges respectfully and actively partners in finding options, opportunities, and solutions.


“Wendy helped me through a difficult decision making process with thoughtful insight. Her ability to help me get to the root of the issue gave me confidence and acceptance of my situation.”  LF

“Wendy’s coaching brings to me a level of clarity that I cannot get to on my own. Her smart and thoughtful questions always help me to quiet the noise and get to that place where seeing, understanding and growth take place.” SL

“Wendy has been invaluable to me in helping me evaluate and reorganize my practice. She is able to evaluate weak spots in my offerings and my staff.  She also is able to evaluate my suggested solutions and evaluate if I am moving too slowly – or in some cases, too quickly.  She has great judgment and is able to give tough advice with a smile and not have it seen as an attack.  I love working with her.” CD

“Wendy is my longest running confidante, mentor and soul-soother who is equal parts brilliant, creative and wickedly funny.” SB