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Giffords     Group

I formed Giffords Group to build an organization of
professionals with diverse skills that share common values.
We create impact by integrating a generalist perspective with
tactical skills and embedding with clients to ensure solutions
are integrated and seamless.

In addition to curiosity, collaboration, accountability and
professional excellence we value time – ours and our clients.
We don’t believe in excess meetings or unfocused documentation.

Our engagements are bespoke, yet in every case we avoid
needless disruption of current operations and achieve
outcomes by maximizing existing capabilities and resources.


I am an entrepreneur, advisor and coach. My time spent in the worlds of politics, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups lends me the perspectives and experience that serves my clients on
all levels.

My expertise is seeing patterns, understanding connectivity,
and formulating solutions
The foundation for these skills can
be found in my education — a BA in Philosophy from the University of Michigan, and Leadership Coaching Certification from Brown University.

If my ability to clarify complexity and design elegant solutions can contribute to the success of you and your company let’s
have a conversation!