This bootcamp is designed to give you some ideas, structures, ‘maps’, and resources to help you grow your service based business by shifting the paradigm.

No more pitching, no more cold messaging, no more email marketing, no more begging for clients!

With my system clients come to YOU and ask YOU “What are your rates?”.

No more clammy hands when you talk about your rates.

No more spending more time working for free than you do for income.

No more wondering where your people are and what you need to be saying to them with your marketing.

If you have any questions about any of the things I talk about in this 5 day program PLEASE ask in the comment section of the Live and I will help you out ASAP!

If you have been following me, you know I take a lot of time to help everyone in my group.



Day 1

In this lesson you get a bit of an intro to myself, my team, and my bloopers.
The real meat of this lesson is all about the first 5 psychological triggers that I employ as the foundation of my business.
hint: I actually use all 5 of them in this lesson Live for you.

Enjoy the bloopres!

Day 2

Here you go with the remaining 5 psychological triggers. These ones are incredible elements to your conversion process that does not entail pitching, pushing, akward sales calls… etc.

Day 3

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In this lesson I share with you the the 4 phases of the decision making process. This really simplifies the whole thing for you! No more wondering how or being a slave to how people find you and decide to work with you.
YOU DECIDE! Own that power in your buisness!

Day 4

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Day 4 is all about actually closing a client!
It doesnt’ have to hurt – and you CAN close 90% of the ‘discovery calls’ that you have!

Day 5

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Finally today I give you some great tips on posting, what to post, what your post should do…
Thanks so much for engaging in this bootcamp!