Love's Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries - #1 Amazon Best Seller

Sexuality and Spirituality dance together in this intimate true love story that bridges eternity. Inspiring read for women and men of all ages who long to deepen their power of giving and receiving love in the here and now while they remain open to the hereafter.

Love's Fire: Living the Awakened Journey - #1 Amazon Best Seller

Love never dies and neither do we. R-Evolutionary JourneyTM featured in a spiritual documentary. reveals the power of the Divine Feminine for Conscious Rebirth illuminates the possibility of contact with deceased loved ones, offers scientific proof of afterlife existence.

Love's Fire: Initiation into the 21st Century - #1 Amazon Best Seller

A Manual for Your Personal Evolution by Best-Selling Authors. A must-read manual for your personal evolution. If the love stories stirred you, this book will reveal the secrets for your own awakening. Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians Reveals for Life in the 21st Century. Practical applications for each person’s uniquue evolutionary journey, Dreams – Expanding intuitive perception – Afterlife communication, Secrets that illumine the paradigm shift taking place today.