The making of


An opportunity to go behind the scenes with Jessa Grace as she builds Greater Good Innovations from the ground up.

As Jessa builds her new business from the ground up she will be documenting (for free) her daily steps, decisions, struggles, habits, and win. 

You are invited to join her behind the scenes even further to pick her brain, ask her questions and get direct coaching for your own business and process! 

You will have proprietary access to weekly Live zoom sessions and their replays as well as 5 weeks of messenger coaching to help you to assimilate in real time what Jessa shares in her daily episodes. 

Witness her emotional, financial, personal, and spiritual journey as you embark on your very own! 


All of this for only $250

(note: any members of the Innovation Initiation Program get a free seat in this 5 week program – click here for those details)


(Once you sign up, you’ll get a personal message from me asap!)