About Phidia Maingi, AKA Fevamwema

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Love, Forgiveness, and Passion Coach, Phidia Maingi is the CEO and Founder of Rescue the Passion Global, which seeks to empower people to transform their lives from disaster into dynasty and mess into merry through the magic of building their careers inside their Absolute passion.

She comes from the school of thought that your Absolute (highest) passion is a package of completeness and overflow.

Having been divorced at 32 years of age by her first love and husband of eight years who then married their adopted daughter, she embarks on demystifying the concepts of love and forgiveness as the main pillars to unwrapping the treasure inside an individual’s deepest passion. She refers to this process as “The Money Plus” of Passion.

Ms. Maingi has helped many people through her life experiences to find their wholeness and abundance through maximizing on their Absolute Passion to attain fulfillment in health, relationships, career, and wealth creation.

Having reconnected with her utmost passion after more than fifteen years, she inspires and helps others to do the same. Her unique way of teaching and coaching makes the transition process fun.

Phidia enjoys cooking, cleaning, interacting with nature, hiking, and traveling.


“Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals

in the Right Ways.”

– Phidia