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Join us in Manifestation Nation, a division of MindFly Holistic! Who is this Facebook group for? Anyone who wants to attract more abundance into their life! More money, more love, more friends, more happiness, more positive outcomes. Our only limits are those that we create. Let’s inspire each other to reach for our dreams and allow the abundance to flow!! I teach the Law of Attraction and how it pertains to your daily lives. How you can have, be and do anything that you wish! My mission is to show others how to Stop TRYING to Manifest, and start BEING a Creator! If you have been feeling like manifesting is a puzzle that you haven’t figured out, if you feel like you’ve been getting advice that just doesn’t work, you’ve come to the right place! If you feel like Manifestation is too hard, you are in the right place!


Message any questions at any time right from Voxer! It is so easy to get the coaching you need.

-You will receive weekly exercises and resources to help you move your life forward towards your ultimate goals.

-What do you want to manifest? Bring this goal to the program so I can help you manifest everything you want!

-Limiting beliefs? Emotional blocks? We all have them. Let’s identify and REMOVE yours – today.

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I am here to help you get what you want and where you want to go. I can help you with: 

1:1 coaching in the areas of money, health, relationships, career and emotions. 

EFT Tapping useing the end points of meridians to unlock your blocks to allow emotional and physical healing to occur.

Tarot Card & Pendulum Readings to get you the answers you are looking for. 

-Health and Wellness in the areas of detoxification and weight loss using, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free skin care and cosmetics.

An intuitive and empathic experience in creating the right environment and circumstances to help you to create the life you deserve. 

1.You deserve to love the life you want -suffering doesn’t have to be the way to live

2. It’s good to have consistent support in your back pocket

3. Having support when you really need it is invaluable

4. Life doesn’t wait for weekly appointments -having consistent accountability will get you results here – TODAY!

Having someone as powerful as Crystal in my pocket has changed the game for me! Having someone who truly wants to see me WIN in life at arms length at all times is so reassuring. Big or small, my questions are answered – powerfully. Ask her about the 17 seconds rule she taught me just last week! SO powerful, easy, and right there, in the palm of my hand.

-Jessa Hargrover

Founder | Heartfelt Business