An effective, simple, and proven way to 

Support Your Team and Everyone’s

Wealth and Wellness

with Connection and Heart.

Of the 2 Billion + people on FaceBook Messenger...

we KNOW that there are MANY
who are looking for an opportunity for personal and financial wellness and freedom.

We also know that there is a lot of
competition and ‘noise’ to compete with.

Now there is a way to share the opportunity that you know and use every day...

while making sure that you are consistent, available 24/7, engaging, and removing frustration and burnout.

Now everyone can learn what they need, how they need to, and at their own pace – without any sense of pressure or confusion.

It’s almost as easy as peel and stick! 

Pricing to Suit Your Tech Needs


Best if you already are comfortable using ManyChat or if you have a ‘tech angel’ that is able to set it up for you.

A few quick clicks and you have the template all set in your ManyChat to customize as you wish.

If you or your tech person have questions
you will be able to
reach out to me
via Messenger for assistance
Monday – Thursday

9am – 4pm EST


one time investment


Best if you aren’t exactly tech inclined but understand the
power of supporting people through the educational
process in a way that is easy, fun, and impactful. 

This option gets you a completely customized bot as well
as a 1:1 session with Jessa to make sure you know:

-how to use the bot

-how to share the bot in the different
ways that are available
to you

-how to make changes to your bot 


one time investment