Camelot/derby printing

Step 1.

Derby Print: Launch Consultation & Strategy –

Deliverable: a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes: (click for details)

1. **Social Media Strategy Development:**
– Create a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with the the overall launch goals.
– Set clear, measurable objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. **Analytics and Reporting:**
– Track and analyze social media performance using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and others.
– Prepare regular reports that show the progress toward established KPIs.
– Make recommendations for improvements based on data and insights.

3. **Audience Growth and Engagement:**
– Discuss and create strategies to increase the social media following.
– Foster engagement and community growth through tactics like contests, giveaways, and partnerships.

4. **Influencer Marketing:**
– Identify and collaborate with relevant influencers and organizations to expand the launches reach.
– Develop and manage influencer partnerships and campaigns.

5. **Competitive Analysis:**
– Monitor competitors’ social media strategies and performance.
– Identify opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

6. **Training and Education:**
– Keep the team informed about social media best practices, changes in algorithms, and emerging trends.

It’s important to note that my specific deliverables and responsibilities can change based on how involved you would like to me to be in the overall execution. This outline is for the strategy and consultation only.

Objectives/ Campaigns: (click for details)
  1. Coming Soon/Awareness: 
    This campaign will be our pre-launch campaign to garner awareness, interest and followers
  2. Inspiration/Idea:
    This campaign will broaden our target audience, open up collaboration avenues, and enlighten our oudience to the possibiities for their homes.
  3. User content generation:
    This campaign will feed off of as well as into the Inspiration/idea campaign as a source of leverage to create a viral environment for future campaigns.
  4. Promotions:
    These campaigns will be discussed and mapped out according to what promotions and special offers you want to offer and when. These decisions are best made according to a financial analysis of projections to avoide peaks and valleys in revenue. 
  5. Tutorials:
    This campaign will enable customer confidence in the product and their ability to create a meaningful and positive experience with the product.
  6. Holiday/Seasonal campaigns for the first 3 months:
    These campaigns will be designed to inspire the audience to purchase the wallpaper according to what is relevant in the world at the time. (Holiday upgrade/spring cleaning/etc..)



It is important to note that as defined and strategic as this deliverable will be when given to you, it will be important to remain nimble and completely aware of the metrics, world events, reception, questions and engagement.

At any time a tweak, pivot or important change could need to be made.

Step 2.

Camelot: continuous marketing strategy and consulting-

Similar to the one time strategy for Derby, here is a more comprehensive list deliverables: (click for details)

1. **Strategic Planning:**
– Develop and refine marketing strategies that align with the your monthly and weekly goals.
– Establish clear, measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. **Content Strategy and Management:**
– Create and manage a content plan that dictates the type and frequency of content across various marketing channels.
– Craft compelling and relevant marketing content, including written copy, visuals, videos, and graphics.
– Ensure content is tailored to suit each marketing channel’s unique audience.

3. **Audience Engagement:**
– Monitor and engage with the target audience through marketing channels.
– Promptly respond to inquiries, comments, and messages.
– Cultivate user-generated content and foster active audience participation.

4. **Data Analysis and Reporting:**
– Utilize analytics tools to track and analyze marketing performance.
– Generate regular reports that illustrate progress toward predefined KPIs.
– Offer recommendations for enhancements based on data findings.

5. **Audience Growth and Nurturing:**
– Devise strategies for expanding the target audience through various marketing initiatives.
– Foster audience growth and engagement through tactics such as promotions, partnerships, and loyalty programs.

6. **Influencer Collaboration:**
– Identify and collaborate with relevant influencers to broaden the brand’s reach.
– Establish and manage influencer partnerships and campaigns.

7. **Crisis Management:**
– Develop a plan for managing and mitigating marketing crises, addressing negative feedback or issues in a timely and professional manner.

8. **Market Research and Competitive Analysis:**
– Conduct market research to stay informed about industry trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities.
– Monitor and assess the strategies and performance of competitors, identifying areas for competitive advantage.

10. **Team Training and Education:**
– Keep marketing teams and stakeholders informed about best practices, algorithm updates, and emerging marketing trends.

11. **Testing and Optimization:**
– Continuously run A/B tests to optimize marketing strategies, content, and delivery methods for improved results.

12. **Innovative Campaigns:**
– Plan and execute creative and innovative marketing campaigns that enhance brand visibility and audience engagement.

Objectives/ Campaigns: (click for details)

1. Each event (upcoming and recap)
These campaigns will garner awareness/raise money for/attach your brand with each event. A pre and post even campaign is important for gaining both awareness and heartfelt gratitude withon your online community.
2. Awareness
An ongoing awareness campaign directed towards your ideal clients, businesses and organizations will keep you top of mind for whenever a new project or event arises for them. 
3. Promotions
Creating a promotions calendar based on your projected revenue will enable me to support you in maintaing momentum for your business. 
4. Meet the team
This is an important campaign because your business is so customer service centric. Allowing your online community to put a face to the name and a project to a person will garner amabassadorship, gratitude and goodwill. 
5. Education
This campaign will allow your audience to understand more of what goes into any given project, helping them to connect to the vlaue and connectedness that you offer. 6. Did you know?
This will help introduce new options and inspire
7. Holiday/Seasonal campaigns
These campaigns should be planned out no less than 30 days (preferably 90 days) before they launch so we take full advantage of the entire annual cycle. 

Accountability and Integrity Measures:

Trusting me with your vision is a big deal to me. Here is how I plan to reassure you: (click for details)

1. Goal Setting and Reporting:
– We will begin with an initial on-boarding discussion for each project. In this session we will map out your clear goals, KPIs and vision. This will grow with us organically as we see success together. 
– I will regularly provide detailed reports that show the progress toward these goals. We will use our KPIs to demonstrate the impact of social media efforts.

2. Regular Updates:
– We will establish a routine for regular communication. This can include weekly or monthly meetings, email updates, or phone calls to discuss progress, challenges, and upcoming plans.

3. Content Calendars and Approval Processes:
– I will share content calendars with you in advance, outlining the content to be posted on various platforms. This allows you to review and approve content before it goes live.

4. Adherence to Deadlines:
– I commit to meeting deadlines and schedule posts, campaigns, and content in a timely manner. Delays can affect the overall social media strategy, so I will work ahead of schedule to create a buffer for an unexpected circumstances. 

5. Response Time:
– I respond to all of my client inquiries, questions, or requests promptly – even if it so let you know that I will give a full response, phone call or reply at a later time. You will never wonder where Jessa went. 

6. Regular Audits and Optimization for any work past 3 months: 
– For longer runing campaigns I will regularly audit all social media accounts and campaigns to identify areas for improvement. Together we will discuss optimization strategies and implement changes accordingly.

7. Data-Driven Decision-Making:
– I will base recommendations and strategies on data and insights. I will clearly explain the rationale behind suggested changes and improvements.

8. Continual Learning and Industry Updates:
– I stay up to date with the latest social media trends, algorithm changes, and best practices. I will share relevant industry updates with you (however, I will not overwhelm you). 

Just some of the testimonails from my clients over the years: 

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