Heartfelt Intensive

30 Intense Days to Build Your Business from the Heart.

...I've landed my first 1 on 1 client...

Day 3 -I am only days into my one on one coaching month with Jessa and I’ve landed my first 1 on 1 client and the momentum is already flowing! We seriously just started on Tuesday.

If you’re on the fence about doing the one of a kind coaching EVERYDAY with Jessa, stop what you’re doing and sign up now.


This sh** works! Do it!!!

Day 18 – The old saying “Proof is in the pudding” is so true. Does Jessa‘s 30day momentum work?

It does!!! I am so thrilled to see how the numbers grew in my FB group over the last month.

Following Jessa’s day coaching tips my group grew by 40 members and the engagement increased!!!

If you have hesitated to sign up, don’t! This sh** works! Do it!!! Love you, Jessa!


...potential clients the right way...

Day 3 – and counting! I am amazed with the speed and paced at which we are moving…….. Talk about momentum!!!!! Today was more of me “Owning” my craft:) And I think I did pretty damn well! My biggest takeaway from today’s session was the lesson that had to do with engaging with potential clients the right way, and we all know that if you know Jessa, there seems to be a science to it (which allows you to accomplish 3 things at once)…. #thisgirlisgood


...most I've accomplished in a single week ...

Day 4 – I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve accomplished in a single week in so many ways since starting my business. And it’s only Day 4 with Jessa. I enjoyed reflecting on my progress so far, relishing a little self care, and outlining what needs to be tweaked for next week….Life is good.


Veteran service providers know:

Growing a sustainable business in the noisy and chaotic online world is a lot tougher than we imagine it will be going in. Once you really get your fingers into all of it, the details and options and all out FRUSTRATION can lead to things like self doubt, imposter syndrome, and guilt.

Let’s turn all of this upside down (along with that frown) and get your business buzzing in the Heartfelt way. 


Google is your best friend – ok, your only friend…

You Google “Grow my business” or “Find Clients” or “Marketing for XYZ business”

You get thousands of results. You dig in dilligently reading all of the blogs, watch all of the webinars, ask all of the questions in other groups… yet still… you end up being cut off at the knees every step of the way… You just can’t seem to put it all together in a way that…

A. Works, and B. Feels right. 

How many of these have you heard, and maybe even tried?

-“Grow your email list to 10,000 and you will be rich!”
-“Make this funnel and you will never have to worry about money again”
-“Make a webinar and your worries are over!”

Sound familiar? Do you get that weird feeling in the pit of your schomach when you read these things too?

2018 was supposed to be YOUR YEAR! What happened? Now the end of the year is upon us. What happens now?

You fall into the typical end of year business traps:

  • Steep discounts on your services in an effort to get somebody – ANYBODY to work with you.
  • Working all hours on your marketing in an effort to get something – ANYTHING in.
  • Looking for other work, even though you don’t have the time or desire to work another j.o.b.
  • Long, ranting, not quite true posts about your business and offering almost guilting people into working with you.
  • ‘Black Friday’ deals on your valuable services in an effort to squeak by until January.
  • Maxing out your credit card on living expenses instead of holiday gifts.


You have so many supporters and friends that you quickly forget abotu your old pal Google. (Don’t worry, there are enough sturggling entrepreneurs to keep Google satisfied) 

You know that you will wake up tomorrow knowing exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it, and that there is a literal TEAM there to support you, and for you to support right back. 

You don’t worry about much other than nurturing your people into your business. Maybe you have a potential client on the line that you are a tiny bit nervouse about closing, but you know Jessa’s got your back – it’s practically a done deal. 

2018 was supposed to be YOUR YEAR and it isn’t over yet! It can still happen! And, it being so close to over, you know you are creating momentum for 2019 in the most powerful and heartfelt way possible. 

People are about to start talking about you! Your community and family are about to look at you with admiration. Look at you GO! You are DOING it! 

Feels pretty good, huh?

This year, next year, the year after that… all YOURS. Let’s make that happen for you! 

What do you want to do? The posibilities are infinate. With the right foundation and plan, you can – quite literally – do anything. 

-Want to move to a tropical island? Come do it! (Curacao is nice!)
-Want to travel the world? Awesome! I”ll hook you up with my travel agent!
-Want to become an author and speaker! Let’s DO it! I’ve got a great events coordinator I can introduce you to. 
-Want to just sit quietly with your family and soak up life and love? I highly recommend it! 


I am so excited to show you exactly how I managed to create all of this for myself. It isn’t difficult, it is just different. 

How it Works:

Ultimately, this program is one full month in the Heartfelt Business Incubator. Join us all in the program so that you can get your foundation set!

This is group coaching like you’ve never seen before. The group is your team, and you are their teammate. Not only will you all learn my system soup to nuts, but we will all be part of each other’s exposure system so that your voice is heard by 10X more people, immediately. Members are always joining at different times, so everyone is at a different step. 

You will all cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, learn from each other, and become a collective ‘Support System’.

We will have DAILY live coaching sessions at 9am and 2pm EST. Come to some or all sessions, you choose!

PHASE 1: Analysis

This program isn’t for everyone.

It is an intense training and alignment process that is not for the lookie-loos, the dabblers, or the hobbyest among the online business world. 

This is for people with real power and grit within them as well as a heart of gold and passion for helping. 

We will assess each element of your business starting with clarity and working all of the way through exposure and your offerings. 

This analysis will tell us where you need to ‘turn up the volume’ and where we need to fill in some holes. 

PHASE 2: implementation

This is not a typical coaching scenario.

Every single day you will receive a specific training and attend sessions. You will leave the live coaching sessions with objectives that will move your business forward. 

Every. Single. Day.

(ok, not weekends, I’m not a drill sergeant)

Each day we will assess your steps so far, map out your next best objective for the day, and incorporate any tools, resources, connections, or elements I and my team may have for you. 

The 30 days of intense coaching, training, and support will be just that – intense. You will be working diligently and with purpose to create a business that is balanced, prosperous, and powerful. 

Come to these sessions ready to own it, work it, and do it!

PHASE 3: Balance

As you know, balance is important.

Specifically in a Heartfelt business we focus on the balance between what we refer to as the ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ sides of your business.

The ‘Masculine’ side of your business is your branding, structure, etc.

The ‘Feminine’ side of your business is your exposure, availability, modality etc.

The daily coaching sessions will focus finding imbalances and correcting them with immediate action. You will learn how to intuitively know where to look for these imbalances – whether they be tangible or psychological – and naturally correct course for your business. 

Balance is the lubricant for your business. Keeping your machine well oiled will create momentum that lasts so you don’t have to spend all of your time trying to work uphill. 


At the end of the day you will have a business that works for you more than you work for it. 

You will have something to show, share, and grow that will make any other investment into tech, growth, or exposure more worth the money or time than if you were to jump into those things straight from the beginning. 

You will have clarity, connections, communication and conversion stills that will lend you and your business towards consistency and sustainability. 

This will be an intense 30 days of you and I working together. We will walk through this journey hand in hand as you work and witness, day by day your vision grows and comes to life!

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