Heartfelt Seminar

6 + Hours of Live Group Coaching

How it Works:

If you know anything about the Heartfelt brand of coaching, you know it is anything but quick and dirty. You also know that there are steps, processes, and systems that must be done absolutely to the best of your ability in order to succeed.

This is an intensive 3 day Zoom seminar that will take you through my entire system that I use every day. 

You will have intermediate trainings on each element as well as the opportunity, if you so choose, to ask me anything about any of the elements so they work better for you!  

Here is a general breakdown of how we will approach this seminar together as a team!


Your donation will cover your tuition for this program including replays, as well as create a scholarship in your name for another entrepreneur in need for the Heartfelt Business Academy.

You will also receive 1 free session with me, a $199 value and an Author’s Cut of my book “Well Worth It”.

Bring your questions, concerns, ideas, and willingness to give feedback and support to the other attendees!

What we will cover

1. Who you help – is it a profitable niche? If not, you can still help them – but let’s get creative!

2. Your business’s DNA – you will define what makes your business unique? How do we make sure everyone knows you are there in the ever growing sea of professionals in your industry? It isn’t as hard as others like to make it sound!

3. Your message – you will create a message that resonates and gets people invested in you and your business on an emotional and psychological level. This will skyrocket your growth and quickly make you a voice in your industry.

4. Your community – you will get all of the tools you need to grow a community around your message. This community will be aligned, eager, and appreciate you and your message to the fullest!

5. Your Brand’s Proof – you will have a plan as to exactly what to give your community so that they clearly understand and appreciate all that you have to offer in a way that has them raising their hands for more.

6. Your offerings – you will create offerings that sell without selling them! Yes… this is a real thing!


7. Your conversion system – you will learn all of the emotional and psychological elements necessary to not only sell your offerings, but to do it with graceful accountability and trust.

8. Your Momentum – you will walk away from this seminar with a system that will keep your business moving forward with continual momentum that is fueled by appreciation, honor, and undeniable proof that you and your business are Well Worth It.

Also, breakout sessions may be held so that you and your group can give feedback on each other’s progress and ask you questions that will help you dive even deeper with it all.

Day 1

– This day will be an intensive foundation revamping (or setting, dependong on where you are).

– We will do a deep dive into the Heartfelt Psychological Triggers  so that you understand clearly and effortlessly how they ae used to prove alignment and grow your business with comfort and love rather than pitching and selling. 
– We will do a Discovery Phase perfection so that you know what your potential clients will need next, and when to give it to them.
– We will do a USP diagnostic – is it working? If not, let’s tweak it! This will be a group exercise so we all get to give and receive feedback. 
– We will tweak your message to perfection. Would Oprah listen? We want to make sure that we OWN it and that it is balanced between Love and Trust. 

Day 2

– We will do a deep diagnostic of your community, come to this with your numbers, analytics, and questions. You need growth and engagement – NOW – to make this whole thing work for you. Let’s make that happen.

– We will do a diagnostic of your free offerings. If you don’t have at least one person a day engaging in your free offering, we need to work on this.

– We will get you organized. This is not a ‘guess and go’ program. I will give you my tools to track everyone, everything, and grow your group at warp speed.

– We will find your people! Sometimes it can be daunting to actually find the people who will love you and your message. Let’s pull back and look at this from a new angle so you get a diverse group of aligned individuals.

– We will discuss how to use other groups to grow your own without breaking any of the crazy fear based rules they all seem to have.


-I will give you my exact steps to creating paid offerings that sell without me pitching a thing!

-You will learn and have the chance to actually practice my closing techniques that, again, does not involve pitching whatsoever. This is a powerful life skill as well as business skill!

-You will learn how I created my ambassador system and how to get ambassadors that love you so much that they practically do your marketing for you – out of appreciation and the kindness of their heart. Your generosity will insite more generosity!


I am always looking for ways to support my people while also opening more pro-bono spots in the Academy that is changing lives every single day.

Offering you this affordable guidance also give you the opportunity to create a scholarship for someone else who needs and deserve help growing their business. 

For me, that is a WIN-WIN!

And, as you know… Your Success is My Success – and we can both count on that! So, let’s make you successful!

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The next seminar begins October 1st, 2018

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