Pay it Forward, and Get Paid! 

Welcome to the Heartfelt Affiliate program!

Like most Heartfelt ideas, this one came from all of YOU who are active in the Heartfelt community.

It took me over a year to break down and do it – it all had to be JUST RIGHT in order for me to really put it out there.

The idea came from the obvious fact that you are all such amazing ambassadors for all things Heartfelt.

You share so openly and warmly that I figured it was only right to pay it forward by paying it back!
No limits, no catches, no joke. Bring in 100 people if you want (I bet you could!).

Let’s prosper!
All you have to do click on one of the options here and get all set up! There are no limits, no requirements… 
Also, in the coming week you will be notified of all of the additional resources and trainings available to you from the Heartfelt Collective as to how to TRULY push your affiliate business forward the HEARTFELT WAY! 

the Flow Movement Affiliate Program

There is SO much to say about this program, but let’s keep it simple for everyone. Celebrity Coach, Gustavo Gil has graciously agreed to team up with me to deliver the powerful ‘Become Undone’ coaching that will help you to dissolve your limitations so you can truly rise to the level of life and business that you desire.

We are here to help you to turn the page on your experience – personally, and professionally by helping you to build a business and/or lifestyle that is aligned with you and your desires. 

If you and your people want people to not simply choose you, but JOIN you because they are aligned with what you stand for, this is for you. 

Any referrals to this program will receive $50/month for the duration of the referrals engagement. 

*After your 20th affiliate sighn up you will have the option of a free month of 1:1 coaching with either Gustavo or myself (reserved for the first 5 members to reach this benchmark).

The Heartfelt Incubator Affiliate Program

This is the big leagues. This is for people ready and able to become an elite level coach or practitioner with the responsibilities of a ‘celebrity coach’.

Being a member of the Heartfelt Business Incubator means you will have the certifications and opportunities to push your business along with the entire Heartfelt Movement forward while benefitting from the exposure and credibility that this program offers you.

This comes with coaching every day Monday-Friday, exposure opportunities, celebrity status, and a position as a member of the Heartfelt Leadership team.

Any referrals to this program will receive $50/month for the duration of the referrals engagement.

The Business Academy Affiliate Program

This is it. If you are a new entrepreneur, or if you are looking to take your business to the next level, this is the industry standard.

Build or revamp your entire process from the inside out – soup to nuts.

Everything from your organization and productivity to your alignment, client attraction, and offerings will be addressed here.

With more trainings being added each month and 2 Live Zoom calls to address whatever your need, regardless of where you are in the system, and exposure that will move you forward -here and now- this is one of the biggest no brainers in the industry.

All at only $25/week!

Any referrals to this program will receive $10/month for the duration of the referrals engagement.

*After your 20th affiliate sign up you will be awarded a FREE custom WordPress website with FREE Divi Ultimate for life!  (Reserved for the first 10 members to meet this benchmark)

The Elite Level Coaching Affiliate Program

Just as the name implies, this is the top tier personalized 1:1 coaching experience.

This is ideal for anyone ready to invest and work hard and fast to build their dream, or to take their already realized dream to the next level.

Everything from your website to your bots and your Facebook group to your offers will be completely revamped and set on autopilot as much as possible.

The #1 goal for this program is to give you a carbon copy of what you see in Heartfelt. A community, a culture, residual and recurring income, take 10 days off each month, and PROSPER with ease and grace.

Any affiliate referrals for this program are awarded $500.