Let's dive deep, right away...

We need to start off on the right foot! Let’s get to the HEART of your business – YOU! This one exercise will change so much of your perspective as we dig deep!

As your coach, one of my jobs is to keep you accountable…

…accountable to yourself!

In this on-boarding you will be writing yourself a letter.

Write a letter to your current self – not your past or future self. Take a moment to sit with yourself, feel your body, feel your emotions, and feel your energy.


(please note, this is private only to you. You can come back to this page at any time for the loving reminder of your grit and power!)


The Steps: 

1. Begin by acknowledging yourself in the most empowering way you can think of.
2. Next, tell yourself what you appreciate about yourself.
3. Then, acknowledge what it is that has been holding you back.
4. Finally, make a bold promise to yourself about how you are going to move forward. Whatever you think it is you need to do – even if you don’t know how you are going to do it – promise yourself in as much sensory and emotional detail as you can.
5. Tell yourself that you look forward to your next correspondence in 3 months for an update on the progress of your promises.
6. Close your letter in the most loving way you can think of.

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