This is something that I require any potential client to work through before we even consider working together. I will NOT let anybody hire me if they haven’t done this one powerful thing for their business.
What this step does for you is so much more than marketing, it gives you clarity, a stronger sense of purpose and pride, and lifts your energy to a level you never knew existed.
Take your time with this step. I have clients take 2 weeks or more with this. If you get stuck, reach out for help. Do the homework, reach out to me, and even pass your homework by me directly to see if it is ‘Jessa Approved’.

Your USP!

Take your time, really get this right.
VET IT! Don’t just assume you have the right USP. Ask everyone in the Village for their feedback. The people who do this extra step are hands down more successful than those who don’t.

Extra Help

This step can be a doozy. It can really do some people in if they aren’t careful.
Things like imposter syndrom and fear can set in as you sit with yourself and mull over exactly what it is your business is and does.
This Live is all about mindset. It’ll give you my personal coaching tips on different issues that come up at just about this point in the process.
If you are stuck, ask for help. I am here for you and I have an entire collective of other coaches who would be more than happy to help you out.

Extra Extra Help

Depending on how this first step is treating you, you may be feeling stuck, paralyzed, anxious… incapable even.
It is GREAT actually!
Don’t worry, I got you!
The Entrepreneurial ‘Break’ is REAL! It is paralyzing, it is scary, and it is frustrating.
But! It is also powerful and an IMPORTANT part of the re-wiring process for your brain.
In this Live I talked about the symptoms, causes, and solutions of the Entrepreneurial Break so you can get through it and to the other side faster, stronger, and better than ever!!
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