Grow an aligned and motivated community around your business


Build a movement rather than a community


Do it all with heart, soul, and ease!

6 weeks of coaching, support, exposure, and growth!

Hi, There!

I’m Jessa Grace.

I am a business and growth innovation consultant. I help service and spiritual based entrepreneurs and organizations to innovate their way to abundance, ease, and flow for their businesses. 

In particular, I help people to nurture and grow communities around their business so that it isn’t just a ‘business for business’ sake’ but rather a MOVEMENT and COMMUNITY with it’s own pulse and rhythm. 

This program is all about me taking you through the cycle of building just such a community for yourself and for everyone you choose to serve. 


Here is a taste of what’s involved. Which of these are you ok with NOT learning?

  •  Setting and maintaining the energy and vibration of your group so it is a COMMUNITY with a true CULTURE
  • GIVING in a way that blows their minds and has others in your industry scratching their heads.
  • Engagement that doesn’t waste your time, and that ignites motivation in your community.
  • Growth strategies that feel aligned and inspired. (no messaging people, no adding everyone to your friends list, no spamming in groups!)
  • Conversion strategies with NO PITCHING!
  • Exposure strategies that leverage AND grow your group that are fun, empowering, and build a mega strong community.
  • -Inspiration overlaod! You will learn how to ‘read’ your group so that you can give them what they truly need, and inspire them to invest in themselves.
  • How to create offers that are scooped up simply by barely whispering about them.
  • And so much more. Bring questions, ideas, concerns, difficulties, fears, goals, hopes, and inspirations to each session!

Easy, Fun, Supportive, and effective

This program won’t take more than an hour per week of dedicated learning, and as much or little time as you like each day. 

BONUS FREE EXPOSURE that is more aligned than Facebook Ad Targeting! (and much easier too!)

As an added bonus we will all be working together in this program to get you and your community masive exposure the Heartfelt way. This is a video that explains it very clearly for everyone! 

Limited Seats and Special Pandemic Pricing!




(After registering you should be taken to the Facebook Group to requet access. If you aren’t redirected feel free to reach out to me for help!)