It is simple...

There is SO much to say about this program, but let’s keep it simple for you. We are here to help you to turn the page on your experience, personally, and professionally by helping you to build a business that is aligned. 

If you want people to not simply hire you, but JOIN you because they are aligned with what you stand for, this is for you. 

How will this program support you and your business?

You will receive both personal and professional trainings each week PLUS you will be a member of the Flow Exposure system (more on the exposure system below).

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1. Become Undone - Get Rid of What Isn't Working for You.

Gustavo will guide you throug dissolving your limitations, imprints, and cultural programing to achieve greater connectedness and step into your potential.

Understanding your essential nature and honoring your intrinsic value are key components to creating connectedness and sustainability in your life, and therefor your business. 

2. Create a Business that is based on Community, Culture, and Connectedess

Jessa will take you week by week to help you to build a powerful business and marketing model for yourself.

This model will help you to build a business that will create true change and awareness in the world about your personal genius and your mission to bring it to the world to serve.

3. The Exposure System

The exposure system will put you and your business in front of thousands of new people eachweek (without paying for FB ads).

This is where you connect with more and wider audiences using what both Gustavo and Jessa are sharing with you as you grow, personally and professionally.

This video created by Jessa’s 4 and 6 year old boys will help you truly understand how this program works.

4. Dissolve Your Limitations and Have Unshakeable Confidence

As a gift from Gustavo, you will be invited to a free monthly Deep Dive to help you to dissolve your limitations and build unshakeable confidence in real time.

When you do a deep dive you are going into a space within yourself where you explore a non cognitive space where it is not about what you thinking, but mores what you are feeling in your body and emotions.

You will be given cues and be guided into a non-cognitive experience  in your body where you will be more connected to your body, your feelings, and your truth.

You will allow yourself to come to a deeper space where you are more connected, present and allowing for your truth to show itself to you.

You will be allowing yourself to come from a deeper space where you are listening to your sensations and allowing that to direct your mind to what it is you are looking for.

The goal is to have a greater connection to your essential self.

In essence, a Deep Dive reveals to us where we are in the moment and what we need to address here and now.

5. Grow Your Community and Create Your Culture

As a gift from Jessa, you will have access to the 6 week Growth Academy trainings so that you can grow your community the same way she grew Heartfelt.

Heartfelt is a loving, nurturing, moving, organic community full of support, growth, love, and generosity. It was designed to help you to ascend personally and financially TOGETHER as a movement. 

You to deserve to have a community that supports you as much as you support it. 

Who are We?

We are Jessa Hargrove – founder of the Heartfelt Business Model, and Gustavo Gil – Founder of the Collective Evolution. This program is a component of our collaboration that we have created for you – Heartfelt Evolution.

Our missions for our businesses are aligned – we want to up-level the world so that we all live and work from a place of Soverignty and Sustainability.

Working together means that we are able to offer a balanced and cohesive way to guide you towards your goals and desires.

Gustavo will give you the who and the why of what you need to learn and harness while Jessa will give you the what and the how if it all.

This balance of personal/spiritual and technical/tangible will help you to up-level personally and financially – creating a much more sustainable FLOW for you as a whole person.

Gone are the days of ‘ebbs and flows’ just being the norm. Consistency and Sustainability can be part of your homeostasis.


How do You Stay in Flow? 

Think of the pieces to flow as parts of your ship. Empathy and Ingenuity are the boat, holding your business stable and allowing you to truly experience life with wonder and build ideas and offerings for your people. Next, you can use Integrity and Exposure to create your sails that will propel you forward into your flow state which will create sustainability for you – personally and professionally. 

Now that you know the 4 pieces to flow, how do you get them and maintain them?


You need to find as many opportunities to practice these things for yourself as possible…

To be IN Empathy. 
To be IN Ingenuity.
To be IN Integrity. 
To be Exposed. 

This program will give you multiple (consistent) opportunities each week to be in each of these elements so that you can earn the exposure that is coming to you – without Facebook ads!   


Click below to watch the introductory training about exactly how we approach Flow and how to get and keep you there! 

How it works

It’s so simple – that’s what makes it powerful

Step 1: Register via paypal – choose weekly or monthly payments. 

Step 2. You will be taken to Hearty in Messenger where he will make sure you are added to the system. 

Step 3. Each Sunday at 1pm EST you will be paired up with your two teammates and receive the coaching session for the week. 

Step 4. HAVE FUN! Network, spread each other’s message, share your programs, tell each other what you truly NEED for your business…

Get Creative

What Can You Do For Each Other Between Trainings?

This program was created to be simple so that you can take it and run with it.

It is as powerful as you make it, so let’s get creative!

There is so much you can do for each other, and there really is not such thing as a dumb idea!

This is YOUR opportunity to innovate with and for your teammates esch week. 

Here are just a few simple ideas to get the ideas flowing…

Share on your profile and in your groups!

An obvious first step is to share your teammate’s message/business with your people.

Connect them to your people and resources

Who do your teammates need to know? What tool or resource do you know of that would really change the game for your teammates? BE GENEROUS!

Shine together!

Do a co-live or even create a collaborative program together! When one of you shines, all of you shine – so do it together!

Imagine 6,000+ plus (the average person has about 2,000 people in their network) witnessing you supporting one another…


Yes – we can’t forget to receive! You SHOULD expect to receive in kind what you give your teammates!

Be fully open to your teammates plopping clients into your lap, introducing you to a game changing person or resource, and allowing you to shine, right there with them in real time.

Enrolling Beta members now!