AIR -Discovery/Sensing


What are you sensing is coming or changing? Or what are you feeling is needing to change? How can you confirm this? What is in the air for you Innovator?

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WATER - Beginner's Mind

Hold no judgments about your inklings or even fears if that is what they are.

Equanimity, curiosity, and a ‘beginner’s mind’ (especially if this is far from your first time going through this cycle or dealing with this trigger).

If you sense something profound and positive coming around this element it is CRITICAL that you stay open, curious, and don’t put any of your expectations on it.

Try as best you can to RECEIVE WITHOUT FILTER – this requires love, mindfulness, and patience with yourself and your current circumstances.

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EARTH - Wisdom/Self Trust

Be aware of your own wisdom.

Your journey up to now was entierly on purpose – so you could learn and obtain the tools and wisdom that you have so that you can BEST BE in this moment.

Whatever it is you are becoming relies 100% on who you are now.

Contemplate what you already do know and have.

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FIRE - Ignite/Inspired Action

Speak your truth! 

Hold your ground!


This is where you find your inspired ACTIONS and next best steps. This is where we get up and make change! 

How has your inward journey with the previous 3 cards propelled you into momentum and flow?

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