A two pronged approach

to fill your program from the heart


Full access to the entire 2019 catalog of masterclasses and workshops for you AND a friend. 

How this is Different

This isn’t just a training, this is a hands on coaching program where you bring your program, tweak it, reframe it, get feedback from myself as your coach as well as anyone else who has ideas for you.

There will be direct training and coaching as well as break-out sessions with other members of the program to get feedback from aligned teammates.

Your teammates will also be supporting you between now and when your program begins to help you to spread the word about your program and give you feedback.

There will also be a follow-up session after the first one to help you to trouble shoot enrollment and re-charge your message.

Why this is Different

The industry needs to be more collective. I don’t like doing programs where I’m just the talking head, giving you some advice and wish you well. It is time for business coaches to actually help rather than only consult.

Helping you to pop into 2020 with a bang will take more than a ‘blueprint for success’. It will require collaboration, connection, accountability, and true support.

Does the formula work? You bet it does! Beautifully, but the biggest part of the Heartfelt model is community and support. Without that, it will take much longer and be much less fun to fill your program!

No man or woman is an island...

And neither should their business be.

Nuts and bolts

-2 workshop sessions-1 to learn and implement and another to troubleshoot and recharge your message just before you close registration for your program. 

-Private FB group so we can all help you spread the word about your program as well as be a support system while you are delivering your program to your people.

-Coaching for filling your program as well as coaching for delivering your program so that the next one fills even faster!

Q: Do I need to already have a program created?

A: Not necessarily, but come with some ideas at least so we can implement your ideas. 

Also, if you already have a program, come open to the idea that the program itself might change a little or a lot depending on the feedback you get and new choices you make. 

Q: What kind of program should I have or be prepared to fill?

A: This program will help you to fill a Level 3 program nicely. (If you are new here, a Level 3 offer is a group program that is priced in the ‘mid range’ that will give people some actionable change and inspire them to go further with you towards your elite Level 3 package.

Q: What should I expect to price my offer at?

A: I would suggest at least $289 dollars (see what I did there? Your very first client will pay for this investment!) because this is a price-point that will bring in motivated and committed people who truly want your change. If you charge much less you will get lookie loos and dabblers who may or may not actually do the work. What we want is to create change for people so that they become your cheerleaders and ambassadors.

Q: What if I have never done a group program before? I’m a little scared of the idea!

A: I’ve got you covered. In our private Facebook group I will be giving you hints and trainings as to how to do a group program. Also, while you are actually DOING your group program, all of us in the group will be there for you to answer questions and support you while you are facilitating your own group program!

Q: I don’t have anyone to share my offer with! Seriously, my group is dead and I can’t find anyone else to share my offer with.

A: Again, you are covered here! This series of workshops is so much more than trainings. You will be getting support with growing your group and everyone in the community is going to help each other with everything needed for conversion – growth, discovery, community, movement… we have your back!