Starts Feb. 3rd, 2020

We all feel it – now let’s all play bigger


Don’t scramble through this coming year.

Optimize, outline, and create a business and community that supports you!

-With this program you will get:

  • Free website template with DIVI builder for free (the Divi builder alone is a $400 value)
  • Already have a site? Let’s upgrade/revamp
  • Specific themes for each day of the week to help you to build your business based on the Heartfelt Business model – Create a community and culture rather than ‘just a business’. 
  • Personal coaching regarding your offers, your clarity, your exposure, your growth, and your community. 
  • Meet and pick the brains of every single Heartfelt coach. We are all here to help you personally, and professionally up-level this week! 

How it works

Co-Working with a business coach and the entire group as much as you need to during the week.

We will all meet in the Zoom room from 9am-4PM EST to help you move through everything you have on your plate. Raise your hand whenever you have a question, want some feedback, feel stuck, feel unsure… WHATEVER you need – you have a business coach as a business partner for one whole week – take advantage of it!

This is PERFECT for anyone who needs a swift kick into high gear, or who is considering the full blown co-working month long program. 

Come with your goals, leave with a sense of ease and flow!  

Soup to Nuts

Spend the week setting up everything from how your business looks to how your business feels.

Ask me anything!


What would you say?

Is this coming across clearly?

What do I put on this landing page?

What would you do?

Why isn’t this getting engagement?

How do I get more members in my group?

How do I respond to this message/comment?

How do I fill my program?

What do I focus on today?

I’m freaking out right now! Can you just listen and give me one small thing I can do to move forward?

What do I do for my people?”

what to expect

Just for starters…

As with most of our group programs, we come in with a foundation, and work up from there. We can expect fun, tears, support, laughs, spilled coffee, kids coming into our offices…

But you are coming for some very specific things. Exposure and conversion are big components to this program. Here are a few other things that will help you to make these things effective and empowering for you…

Your Website

Need a website? I’ve got you covered. With this program you will receive a free license for Divi for WordPress, training on how to use it, and templates that are proven for conversion. (Already have a site? Let’s see if we can revamp it so that it works for you as more than just an online flyer.)


Your Offerings

Let’s create and organize your offerings so that you can meet EVERYONE no matter where they are personally or financially. We will create a web of options so that no money is left on the table, and no person goes unhelped.


Your Business Model

Growing your business is about so much more than your marketing – it is about EVERYTHING! 

Let’s take a look at your model. See where maybe you could use some more clarity, alignment, movement, or flow. 

If you are looking to create more than just a business… but actually a community and culture around your business – this model is for you! 

Your Group

Once you have clarity and a message that rings true for your ideal clients, it is time to bring everyone together to celebrate, grow, and give some hard yesses for your help! There are a number of simple things we can do to help you to grow this community exactly the way I grew Heartfelt. Let’s get to it!

In their own words: