14 day challenge

Build or revamp your business in a matter of weeks!

-Daily prompts
-Collective reviews
-Proven results

two full weeks

of Business Strategy steps


How it Works:

Sign up, and get ready for a few weeks of powerful step by step coaching and exposure opportunities that will either revamp your business or help you build it from the ground up with powerful momentum. It is 14 individual trainings that usually takes about 21 days to implement from beginning to end. 

Good luck and reach out for help if you need it! 

Your Truth

We will start with the absolute truth of your business.
Building a business based on love, giving, and authenticity requires a foundation based on crystal clear TRUTH. We will magnify this truth and learn more about it.
Not only does this simply feel good, but it also is a powerful strategic exercise that ensures conversion at record speeds. 

Your community

You are a resource for your community. We will build/grow that community, make it strong, and make it powerful!

Having a beautiful message does yo not good unless it does good for others.

Group growth, engagement, and alignment are a very big part of this program. 

Imagin having a group full of people who raise their hands and excitedly grab your offers, accepting your help as the epic opportunity that it is! 

Your giving

As you know, giving with balance is important.

The You will be giving, a lot, during this program. You will be giving it all! Both to your business, your future, and your community. During this program you will be given specific and clear steps to help you create a ‘giving system’ that makes you money and builds momentum and consistency for your business. Lets get to giving!!!

your receiving

Of course, the point here is to receive. That’s OK! Own it now. Say “I want to make money! Lots of it!”
During the program you will create new programs that are creative (like this one, seriously, how did I come up with this?), powerful, and exactly what your community needs. You will also set them up for conversion and have exposure opportunities that will grow your community and your bank account. 

Get in:

As always, all group and pre-recorded programs are free to my Certified Heartfelt Coaches and Academy Members. 


Because I invest in the people who invest in good. Every Heartfelt Coach and Academy member is passionate about their business, and I can’t help but be moved to help them 100%. 

50% off of the suggested $90 donation.

Have a special circumstance? Get in touch with Jessa to talk about a sponsorship.
All proceeds go to the Heartfelt Movement to help everyone get the help they need, regardless of modality or financial standing. The payment form here is left blank, you decide what you can contribute. The suggested donation is just a suggestion. 


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