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to Businesses  and  the People  who  build   them.


⦾ Create product and business road maps that get buy-in from employees through the board-level.

⦾ Drive a Strategic Planning process to assess the right path for both businesses and teams.

⦾ Explore options including mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, asset sales and licensing.

⦾ Support innovation with a solid foundation and proven best practices. 

⦾ Employ an agile approach to get teams humming.

⦾ Explore the best technical solutions for efficiency and scalability.

⦾ Identify functional areas needed for core business activities and those that can be outsourced to gain efficiencies.

Use data for decision making:

⦾ define metrics

⦾ develop reporting and dashboards

⦾ apply market research

⦾ mine data for indicators and trends

⦾ assess and design data structure

⦾ Develop powerful company statements (Vision, Mission, Values, Principles) that clearly tell the worldwhat you do, why you do it, what you stand for and where you are going.

⦾ Create Company handbooks that educate and support employees with clear information and guidance.

⦾ Ensure retention of valuable employees by aligning their jobs and career path with personal values and organizational goals. 

⦾ “Translate” between teams of experts to get everyone aligned on business goals. When all Stakeholders understand each other it increases support and adoption, and projects run smoother with amplified results.

⦾ Create solutions and transition them to employees with training and support.
Develop “train the trainer” materials for internal roll out of company-wide programs and initiatives.

⦾ Align communications across all touch-points.

⦾ Target the right customers with the right message.

⦾ Ensure employees, vendors and contractors all understand what the business does and why. 

Giffords     Group

I formed Giffords Group to build an organization of professionals
with diverse skills that share common values.
We create impact by integrating a generalist perspective with
tactical skills and embedding with clients to ensure solutions
are integrated and seamless.

In addition to curiosity, collaboration, accountability and
professional excellence we value time – ours and our clients.
We don’t believe in excess meetings or unfocused documentation.

Our engagements are bespoke, yet in every case we avoid
needless disruption of current operations and achieve
outcomes by maximizing existing capabilities and resources.


I am an entrepreneur, advisor and coach. My time spent in the worlds of politics, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups lends me the perspectives and experience that serves my clients on
all levels.

My expertise is seeing patterns, understanding connectivity,
and formulating solutions
The foundation for these skills can
be found in my education — a BA in Philosophy from the University of Michigan, and Leadership Coaching Certification from Brown University.

If my ability to clarify complexity and design elegant solutions can contribute to the success of you and your company let’s
have a conversation!

We provide strategy, structure, solutions and coaching to businesses
and the people who build them.


  • Diagnose the root cause of pain points and blockers
  • Increased productivity
  • Team building & retention
  • Increased bottom line profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Maximized return on operational expenditures
  • Reduction in cross-functional conflict
  • Sustainable change management

  • Greater success with organizational change efforts
  • More effective team leadership
  • Accelerated goal accomplishment
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Improved self-awareness and self-management
  • Improved relationships with co-workers
  • Accelerated learning

Our   engagements   start   with   a    conversation.

Tell us what is keeping you up at night and what goals we can help you achieve.

From these conversations we develop a proposal.

Sometimes this is a single meeting, other times it can be a long-term engagement. We respond to the specificity of each client and project with detailed proposals, measurable results and a defined end point.

Our pricing is equally responsive and reflects the level of expertise and time involved. Our preference is to bill by the project or as a monthly retainer – managing hourly billings interrupts flow and adds costs.

From organization to individual leaders who know that they grow best and fastest
when they have a thought partner who engages deeply, challenges respectfully and actively partners
in finding
options, opportunities, and solutions.

Organizations with a

  • willingness to tie each engagement to a defined output
  • an understanding that decisions in the details have a
    impact on broader business goals
  • a mind-set open to considering new solutions to old pain points

Leaders Who Are

  • experts, yet aware of their limitations and -surround themselves with excellence
  • who are driven by their past success to create future successes for themselves and those around them