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I’m excited to get started on this with you! I have a feeling we are going to enjoy these next few weeks together.

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01. Your Marketing

This coaching experience is going to be very personal and introspective (the feminine side of it all) however, we do have some structures, foundations, and systems we need to build so that you aren’t working 24/7 and eventually burning out! 

Burn out = Start over

I personally use 10 pshychological triggers and a 6 part system to automate and stay on task so that I work maybe 4 hours per day 15 days per month and STILL grow and attract opportunities that serve both my business and my lifestyle.

Let’s start here, and go ANYWHERE!

(In order to fully understand the questions I am asking in this first step, I encourage you to watch this video where renowned coach, mentor, and client Olubode Brown and I break down the steps.

02. Professional

Yes, I am your business coach, but it isn’t always ‘just business’. You and I are about to embark on a journey that will take you to places of innovation and vision. You are a visionary – unique and powerful. If you are going to go bold, I need to know exactly how to help you get and STAY there!

I am here to inspire your ingenuity and catalyze your vision. To do that I need you to be absolutely honest with me and be willing to let me ‘call you out’ when you are sabatoging yourself as well as ‘life you up’ when you are truly in your zone of genius!

While we are on the topic of mindset, I encourage you to take a look at this video where I share exactly how I manage *extreme* difficult and turn it into massive abundance. I hope to take you to a place within you where you find abundance and overflow in any situation.

03. Personal

 While we are digging deep into your business, I’d like to start this whole process with helping you to wrap your mind around your message.

One way that I help my clients with this piece is to ask them to tell me about themselves on a values and intentions level.

This video will also help bring some ideas to the surface as well.

In the form below please feel free to tell me anything about yourself that will help me to know more about why you do what you do.

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