Logo/Branding First Pass

Hi Wendy,

After reading and playing around with what you have sent me, here is my initial idea.

The plan here is for me to first give you what my gut feeling is. You then give me direction from there. ie:’ ya, let’s explore this direction more’ or ‘meh, I am not feeling that very much, what about XYZ’.

So, to begin.

In the logo and esthetics pieces you shared with me – your initial logo struck me the most.

It is very YOU.

Unexpected, to the point, and full of class.

After reading the AiM document I felt very strongly about it as a potential signature offer of sorts and it brought the image of an arrow to mind.

Sitting with both of those pieces I thought maybe a simple update to what you already know and like is a good place for us to start.

Here is a mock-up of what I was thinking.

What are your thoughts?

Your original logo

Update w/ light background

Update w/ dark background

Copywriting First Pass

I’m having such fun combing through everything! What you do becomes more even powerful in my mind as I sift through it all.

I chose to start with your ‘Old Website Content’ doc.

I did this because you had mentioned that you wanted to create a powerful program that supports families who are in divorce litigation.

If you click the button below you’ll be taken to the doc where I put my ideas for the copy – based on what you had.

Of course, we will be expanding on the offer details etc… but this is more of the alignment piece for the site visitor.

The original copy is untouched. My interpretation is in italics.

Feel free to comment away on the questions and suggestions I have here for you. 

File Uploads

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