Welcome to my very first EVER Facebook LIve!

Now, I could re-do this one better, but nah. I have decided that even with the time lapsed since I did this, the things I would have added, and the bloopers, I have an obligation to keep these all right where they are for you for a few reasons. 1. Its powerful information 2. I want anyone who has never done a Live before to see this and know that not only did I survive, but this one hour I spent on my business was the most productive thing I have done. This was done in early December 2017. At the time there were 36 members in my Heartfelt Business Village. It took less than a month for me to hit the 500 member mark, and it has only gone uphill from there. Now, my business is solid, predictable, and stable. My income is something that I hardly even think about anymore, and I am a true name in my niche. 3. All of the things I outline in this bootcamp are foundational elements to exactly how I did this! Cover these bases, and you have a lot more to work with than to work against! All of my clients, whether they are Academy members or 1:1 clients are required to have at least an understanding of these elements before I will help them. (Especially the very first trigger!) Click the lightbulb to the right for the lesson. Do your homework! Ask for help! Reach out to me! -Jessa