Your Purpose is My Purpose

For years I recognized a feeling inside myself that I couldn’t explain to anyone.  I had this constant feeling of emptiness, a need and a hunger of wanting more out of life, but not knowing what that looked like, or where to even begin. It was a void that didn’t make sense on the outside to anyone, seeing as I had a pretty “put together” life. Deep down I was sad and hated myself. I was my own worst critic, and I struggled with so many hidden shadows that I buried underneath the successes and smile I carried on the outside. I was searching for something more out of this life.  I didn’t have a clue how to fill this void, where to go, or who to talk to about it. Then I found Roni. Everything about her 9-week Embracing your light, Reclaiming the Power Within program called to me. As I read the description of her program, I felt as if she was speaking directly to me.

- Kim

Hello, my name is Roni Roehlk Carver

… and for more than half of my life I have been studying energy through many modalities. I started studying meditation in my early 20’s, searching for my own inner peace along with my higher purpose. In my own personal drive I came to understand that all of our
answers are held within our own universal power. Through this journey I started
to incorporate many healing energy modalities. As of today I am a Reiki Master/
Energy healer, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, along side a Holistic & Purpose
Life Coach. My personal purpose and drive in this life is to guide others into their
own awakening and healing. I believe we all have the universal power and
intuitive nature to guide us on the path we were meant to live in life and in health.
My mission is to give you a safe space in which you may grow, as you tap into
your own innate abilities. We were all born with this inner wisdom and knowing,
my goal is to awaken you as you are reminded of ‘who you are’ and the beauty &
power that already lies within. I look forward to walking this journey with you.

From our very first call, I knew that the universe put Roni on my path for a reason.  She instantly makes you feel at ease, is very relatable in more ways than one, and has a true gift of helping people in ways I can’t even describe. What I left with and learned, was so much more than I ever thought I would.  I left with a TRUE understanding of who I am, why I behave in ways I do, and all the devastating things that I’ve been through have only made me the amazing ME I am today. Because of Roni and her program, I can now appreciate this amazing life journey, and know that as I continue this work, it will only get better from here!  I have so much to learn still, and so much improving still left to do, BUT I LOVE THAT! I’ve never been more excited to be me and have never been more excited to take on life like I do now.

- Kim