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I am Here to Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.


The “Money Plus” of Passion

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It’s never too late to reconnect with your highest passion and capitalize on it to create your wealth and true happiness.

Pillar #1: Forgiveness 

Passion is the MAGNET that locates your lost Passion and draws it into its place, the Pillar that holds Passion UP in its place and the compass that directs it into the assignments of life all along the journey to get you safely to the place of abundance.


By sharing my “Forgiveness Marejeo” I will help you demystify and embrace forgiveness by redefining it with a sense of possibility and a triumphing connotation as opposed to the generic approach that brings a sense of defeat. 

Pillar #2:  Love

Love is the blood that flows through the veins of Passion to keep it alive and active.

Counterfeit “love” toward self and others is a REAL threat to the life of Passion.

If you understand love, then you have the ability to love yourself right and extend the same love right-love to others and thereby protect your Utmost Passion from Assassination.


I will help you understand what true love is and use it as a Love-Meter to perform a Love-check operation on your self-love and others.

This will help your internal compass, created by forgiveness to know which way is your ‘True North” and keep you pointed in that direction – unwaveringly. 

The Goal: Utmost Passion

Your Highest Passion is a package of completeness which carries not just financial abundance but also, your divinity, purpose, direction, happiness, joy and health. I refer this package as “The Money Plus” of Passion.

Abandoning your Utmost Passion in the pursuit of financial prosperity is like chasing a wild goose that leads to financial frustration, lack of purpose, unhappiness, troubled relationships, sickness and sometimes untimely deaths. 

 As an entrepreneur, is your market “flooded?”

Not when your Utmost Passion does the job. It leads you to a place of happiness and satisfaction which feeds your creativity manifesting your uniqueness and attracting your market.

I am here to help you Identify and reconnect with your Deepest Passion and exercise it to

  • mine real value,
  • stay plugged in to your divinity and  purpose and…
  • create a world of abundance in all areas of your life with fun/ without sweating it so hard.