Introducing the

Julian Method - The Healthy Goddess Lifestyl

Welcome to Your Goddess Sanctuary!

Experience the Inner Goddess Primer now!
You Can Feel The Goddess Within You…

You have had glimpses, or even long-term moments as the goddess that is you.

Now you are ready to fully embody her –

BE her –

EMBRACE her – 

and the lifestyle, habits, mindsets, and world that she deserves. 

I ‘m Your Goddess Guide
I am here to help you find, nuture, honor, and embody the goddess that you are.
Everything from your mindset to your routines, from your health to your style… let’s nurture
that Goddess together! 

The Rise of the Goddesses is Ours To Create

With all of the negative background noise of ‘comeptiton’, ‘body shaming’, ‘jealousy’… the list goes on and on we Goddesses have the opportunity to stand together and be bigger, bolder, and more elegant than all of that – the best way to do this is TOGETHER!

We all deserve to not only feel like Goddesses, but Live like one.

It is only when we go inward and honor ourselves, our time, our space, our bodies, and our needs that we can truly be seen for all that it is that we have to offer the rest of the world. When we truly show up for ourselves  and the Goddess that we are , the rest of the world will show up and treat us as just such… a Goddess.

In Their Own Words:

Michele is amazing. 

She is a true game changer for us visionaries that are sometimes managing from a less than full cup. 

She is warm, real, nurturing, and full of ease and grace.

Her spirit alone is infectious, but her wisdom is all encompasing. 

She truly embodies the ‘whole’ in holistic.

Everything she shares with me is nothing short of a golden nugget that I can add to my repitoire of tools to embody my true Goddess.

I even share her wisdom with my children so that we can all be vibrant and live TOGETHER with self love, honor, and inner strength. 

Being the Goddess that I am means that I can be the Goddess that others know they can count on to be there, true, strong, and brave. Nothing less – and I can still operate from an overflowing cup! AMEN to THAT! 

Love you Michele!