An effective, simple, and proven way to 

Support Your Team and Everyone’s

Wealth and Wellness

with Connection and Heart.

Of the 2 Billion + people on FaceBook Messenger...

we KNOW that there are MANY
who are looking for an opportunity for personal and financial wellness and freedom.

We also know that there is a lot of
competition and ‘noise’ to compete with.

Now there is a way to share the opportunity that you know and use every day...

while making sure that you are consistent, available 24/7, engaging, and removing frustration and burnout.

Now everyone can learn what they need, how they need to, and at their own pace – without any sense of pressure or confusion.

It’s almost as easy as peel and stick! 

If you've seen enough...

and just want to chat about getting started, click below to get into my calendar so we can chat about how easy the process of getting your bot set up will be.

General Heartfelt Bot pricing starts at $650.00 – for our people this opportunity is available starting at:

-$200 for a DIY package.

-$320 for a Done For You package