Heartfelt Healers

Growth Coaching for Healers Ready to Make Changes in Their Lives and in the World .

Guidance and support on your journey to

a place of

balance and abundance. 


Looking for balance between your gifts and your income? 




This is a month long program that will help you to create a new paradigm for yourself and your business.

We will find the YOU in your business and support YOU on your quest for balance, abundance, joy, and fulfillment in your life, business, and healing. 

The more we OWN our purpose and give our gifts, the more we can plug ourselves into the cycle of giving and receiving as an absolutely necessary component of the universal current of currency. 

The 4 pillars of the Heartfelt Healer’s Program are as follows: 


This program isn’t for everyone.

It is an intense ALIGNMENT PROCESS that is not for the lookie-loos, the dabblers, or the hobbiest among the healing world. 

This is for people with REAL POWER and SELF-LOVE in them as well as a HEART OF GOLD and PASSION for HEALING and PROSPERITY. 

This group program is not just coaching. It is support, guidance, and nurturing that will help you heal, grow, and nurture your business and self in a way that will bring you to the next level – YOUniversally. 

We will assess each element of your business starting with your own healing and clarity and working all of the way through exposure and your offerings. 

This analysis will tell us where you need to SHINE BRIGHTER and where we need LET GO of things to make room for what will bring your business to it’s HIGHEST VIBRATION AND RESONANCE. 

You will have the benefit of multiple coaches, healers, and guides throughout the month to serve, guide, and heal the parts of your business that needs attention.  


This is not a typical coaching scenario.

Instead of 1 one hour session a week with homework, you will have 2 sessions per week with daily check-ins and prompts from the Heartfelt Team. 

Every single day you will have objectives that will move your business forward. 

Every. Single. Day.

(ok, not weekends, I’m not a drill sergeant)

Your objectives will be clear, your next steps will be simple, and your journey will be predictable and nurturing. 

This is not a program that is ‘sink or swim’. It is built to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be first, so that you can get to where you want to be easily, naturally, and elegantly. 

If you do the work, don’t make excuses, push past your perceived limitations, and are willing to go boldly, your business will grow, your income will exponentiate, and your life will be by your design. 

Your people will sit in reverence, appreciation, and awe of your gift, ability, and prosperity. 


As you know, balance is important.

Specifically in a Heartfelt business we focus on the balance between what we refer to as the ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ sides of your business.

The ability to see your business from all angles comes from being able to rise above your business and assess it from a bird’s eye view. 

Every block can be removed by acknowledging the imbalance and correcting it immediately.

Most blocks take less than 10 minutes of inspired action to remove

You will learn how to do this. While you are learning you will have me and the team to personally look at your blocks with you and show you what we see and suggest proven actions to unblock the flow of giving and receiving. 

Soon, this will become a natural skill that you can use at any moment in your business. 

Your business will become an extension of who you are, what you believe, and what you represent rather than a daily struggle between practicing your gift and paying the bills. 


Achieve sustainability for the coming year. 

We will map out exactly what you will need in order to make the rest of your year lucritive. 

  • What to offer
  • How to offer it
  • Who ot offer it to
  • How ot set up residual income quickly
  • How to manage mid-term income so you have momentum
  • How to map out exposure opportunities for long term lump sum income for the slower months. 
  • How to leverage growth, conversion, exposure and inspiration to maintain balance and upleveling in your business throughout it’s existence. 

All without compromising your integrity as a healer!

Your gift is powerful. The people you heal are precious. The business you build using these two elements will change the world.

YOUR RIPPLES ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Your responsibility should not take away from your life, family, and enjoyment, but rather support it fruitfully! 


Sessions begin the first Monday of March, giving us plenty of time for your 1:1 sessions before we begin. 

note: This is the Beta session of this month long program. Therefor the investemnt is 50% of the standard Heartfelt fee. This means that you will have an ownership role in the pace and process of the program as well as first dibs on any consecutive elements that will stem from your inspirations as well – also at a discounted rate. 

Pay Up Front

Entitles you to 2 1:1 sessions before the program begins or after the program ends. You choose! 


Pay over the course of one month

 Payment plan – does not include the 2 1:1 sessions prior to beginning the program or after the program ends. 



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