Resources mentioned in the training:


Click here for the Live I did about optimizing your platforms for alignment before you start reaching out for exposure opportunities! 

Below these resources you will find the daily replay
links to the Zoom sessions for the week. 

Exposure Oportunity Message/Comment

I am ______________, Founder of _________________. (insert link to Facebook business page)

Insert Message/Oprah Pitch (keep is short/truncate if you can-
Point 1 – why you feel aligned with the person looking for guests.
Point 2 – what is different about your approach?
Point 3 – something powerful you can teach or share.

Close with GRATITUDE!

Jessa's Interview Questions

1. What compelled you to do what you do, the way you do it? (You can share your personal hurdles that you faced pre-coach life)

2. I will ask about hurdles you have had once you decided to become a coach and how you overcame them.

3. I’ll bring up a general ‘roadblock’ (that you give me before the interview to ask) that you help people to get past.

4. I’ll ask ‘what is the #1thing you want people to take away from our chat today?” (you will teach or give something here.)

5. I will ask what your goals are for 2019. This is where I want you to GO BOLD and really own the paradigm you are shifting.

6. I’ll bring up a common misconception about what you do (that you give me before the interview) that you can debunk.

7. What is your favorite joke?

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