Building a Business that Serves The Newly shaping paradigm. 

Everything we thought we knew is changing

We can either be a part of building the new paradigm, or we can simply do our best to keep up with it as it forms…


Where are you doubting yourself?

And how would things change if you had unshakeable confidence?


Where are you buying into limitations of yourself and others?

And what would change if you turned those limitations into sup
erpowers and opportunities?


How do You Sabotage Yourself?

And how would you feel if you were to re-wire yourself to see past your filters and straight to your real value?

Day by Day Breakdown of Your Innovation Initiation:

We will begin with an intensive inner look on day 1, and work through the entire Heartfelt Business Model the remaining 5 days of the program. 

The lifestyle, the success, and the leadership are all yours for the taking. Embody the Grit and Grace that it takes to receive it and maintain it all for yourself – regardless of when times are good or bad.

Leaders aren’t born – they are made and GROOMED – by other powerful leaders of example – I am here to groom the powerful leader in you!

DAY 1:

Clarity of self/mission/vision

… and create a message that resonates, aligns, and activates the people who need your help. 

Re-Wiring your perceived limitations and working through and past your doubts

… and purposefully design connections with your ideal opportunities, people, and clients. 

Embodiment of your truth past your filters

… and create and enlist a community full of aligned, motivated, and actively engaged individuals.

Showing Up from a Place of Over-flow

… and give to your people and community in a way that serves them and brings them closer to you, your essence, and your vibrancy in a way that creates sustainability and empowerment.

Create options and opportunities for yourself

… and create offerings for your people that is based on connection, opportunity, alignemnt, and sustainability for BOTH you and your people. 

Receiving with Grace and Sustainability

… and create a system for yourself that creates ease, grace, and consistency in your receiving so that you can be in a place of joyful creativity. This will help you to continue growing, having, and being exactly what you need to continue on your spiritual and financial journey.

DAY 2: Is it time to 'bring it all together' for your business? Do you have what feels like a million ideas that SHOULD all be working, but you can't seem to make them work together? (click to read more)

My #1. Superpower is exactly this – assimilation:
witnessing everything presented by you (spoken and unspoken), pulling it all together, seeing the potential and the holes, and giving it all back to you in a beautifully precise package that makes sense for you.

One of the biggest pieces to this seemingly never ending puzzle is YOU… we will begin this experience with an inward journey into you, your  gifts, your super powers, your life’s purpose, your boundaries, your strengths and weaknesses, and your unique personal approach to life, business, and prosperity.

This system works because it is designed not just for you, but BY you with my support and guidance.

We will co-create your prosperity design one piece at a time while honoring your ‘yes please-es’ and ‘no thank-you-s” every step of the way.

DAY 3: As a collective we all have the innate desire and power to truly connect with one-another. When we come together with a common goal the thread between what we witness and what we create becomes stronger and more sustainable as we grow as a collective as well as individuals. (click to read more)

These connections for your business can and should be done by divine design.

I am here to help you to discover, hone, and nurture your purpose’s unique connection design so that everyone you touch is moved to move WITH and FOR what you represent.

DAY 4: Your purpose is only as viable as what others do with it. We are here to share our gifts, and those gifts are meant to expand into their own unique shape for every person you give them to. No two people will receive you, or your business in the same way. (click to read more)

The beauty behind this is that the healthier, more aligned, and more motivated your community is, the faster it will grow, and the more potential you will see mirrored back to you.

This multifaceted and multi-dimensional reflection is the source for true inspiration garnered from limitless opportunities for empathy and ingenuity.

I will teach you how to grow your community, see what is being shown to you through those people, and build more from that inspiration.

In this way you are co-creating with your community more than a business – but a community, culture, and movement!

DAY 5: Because you do what you do, the way you do it, and WHY you do it - you can confidently know that what you have to offer holds value - massive value. At at certain point in your experience with Innovation Consulting you will see the pieces come together. (click to read more)

Your clarity leads to empowerment. Your connections feel more purposeful and ‘divinely timed’. Your community finally mirrors back to you the enormity of what it is that you are here to do and how you are here to serve.

At this point you’ve built enough momentum that you are now truly ‘believing’ it all into even crisper reality for yourself.

This belief is the true starting point. Now we will be able to start the real ‘work’.

We will art-fully, playfully, and delightfully articulate exactly what ‘conversion’ is, looks like, feels like, and gives to both you and your community so that your ability to receive is equal to your ability to clarify, connect, communicate, and grow!

Do you see how it is all coming together for you now?

DAY 6: This will be your chance for a 1:1 assimilation session with me to wrap up the entire week. Now, at this point in your Innovation Consulting experience, we will have pulled it all together. All of the pieces are there for you now. The message, the people, the alignment, the giving and receiving are all humming blissfully and gracefully for everyone. (click to read more)

This is when we get to pick it all apart again – and scavenger hunt for all of the gems and opportunities that lay just under the surface of each connection, option, opportunity, and offering that you have at your disposal.

You will bring to reality your personal desires for financial diversity. Do you want recurring income, residual income, or even aligned and supportive opportunities for passive income? Do you want to branch out and create other projects under your new umbrella?

If you like, we will begin the process from the beginning again from as many different angles as you can throw at me – each one approached again with the ‘beginner’s mind’.

The options, opportunities, and possibilities are limitless – all you have to do is decide ‘which one today!’ and we will simply play in that space – together!


“After my first session with Jessa I felt inspired and motivated. I knew I was in the right place.

Jessa has a brilliant mind for business and marketing. She knows how to innovate, package, and monetize your business and she does it with with a unique combo of heart, integrity, and empathy.

After just a few weeks of working with Jessa I have momentum, revenue, and a renewed joyous heart. My FB group has doubled, we created a new offer that is in heartfelt high-demand, revenue is flowing like never before, and my heart is overflowing with love because I am serving my community at a new level!

Thank you Jessa for responding to every question big and small. Thank you for reaching out and checking in with me constantly! Thank you making me feel like my mission matters.

Jessa is an answer to every entrepreneur’s prayer. Her business wisdom and heartfelt ingenuity will transform your business beyond your wildest dreams.”

-Holley Mignosi

Founder | Shine on Stage