The exclusive Heartfelt Business Model that the GGI Innovation system is Built Upon.

This is the largest collection of absolutely free resources, trainings, and coaching for service based online entrepreneurs. The first step is to be sure you are a member of the free Business Village so you can access the trainings, ask fo help, and network.  

To get started, I suggest you assess which of these you truly need right now. Visit the ‘Asset Library’ to assess which parts of your business need the most work, and find corresponding trainings below. 

The Most recent Masterclass - GIVE IT AWAY

This is the most recent masterclass in which I give the entire Heartfelt Business Model and share exactly how I literally GIVE IT ALL away and still manage to be so prosperous.

Prep Work

Start with these pieces before moving on to all of the ‘a la cart’ trainings. Without these foundational pieces everything will seem like a ‘lovely idea’ rather than truly connecting for you.

First thing is first, you will want to learn the foundation as well as HOW this all came about. This isn’t just some regurgitated marketing 101 course here, this all comes from a place of intention, struggle, and growth so that you can benefit and PROSPER – let’s get straight to profeting from this free material!

Click here to take that first step with me !

The Masterclass

#1. Start with the Masterclass. No matter where you are with your business (budding idea or 6 figure power business) you will gain so much clarity, get so many ideas, and really see just how simple you SHOULD make your business approach in order to make it explode with income, support, and gratitude.

Everything from what to offer and when to what your absolute top priorities should be, and when. The name of the game is leveraging Empathy and Ingenuity to create something ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE that will send shock waves through your industry!

The Boot Camp

#2. The corresponding Heartfelt Marketing boot-camp. These 3+ hours of guidance will walk you through emotional triggers, decision making support, and everything from what to post/when to move people into and through your business with love and comfort.

The first training in this boot camp is my very first Faceook Live EVER! Hilarity ensued and you get a taste for where I started. The important thing to note here is that I actually STARTED, I wasn’t going to concern myself with perfection over action, and that I never redid it! I kept it moving! 

Motivators = Power

#3. This masterclass is mandatory for anyone in the Collective or in the Growth Academy.

For anyone joining the Incubator, this will help you with your first hoemwork assignment!  


Using Motivation, Mindset, and Mentality for Growth, Success, and Abundance!

A case study in how I SHOULD have lost it all, but ended up with MORE instead of less abundance.


It’s a lot! I know. 
I have done 50+ free trainings for you all in the last few months. There is so much, yet it does neither of us much good if you can’t find what you need, or even figure out what you need. 
That is why I have created this repository of all of the most pertinent trainings so you can browse through them easily and find what you need, or what interests you. 

If there is a topic you are looking for that isn’t here, message me! I will do a session on that topic for the benefit of everyone. 
As always, your success is my success, and with each step, I know we can both count on that! 

A Sample of Not Pitching...

I have probalby said it a thousand times by now. NEVER PITCH – ever. But how? What on earth does that even look like? This video is an example of how to align and be compelling without selling or pitching anything whatsoever. Comment to let me know your own take on this approach! Don’t worry – in these other videos you can get some mor ideas on how to pull it off yourself.

A Sample of a Powerful Vision

My vision and my message is what draws people to Heartfelt. You can attest to this yourself 🙂 – But how? This is my own exercise I do regularly to keep my business full of love and momentum.

This statement is powerful. Creating one for yourself will help you to manifest the business of your dreams!

Optimizing for Alignment

I have probalby said it a thousand times by now. NEVER PITCH – ever. But how? What on earth does that even look like? This video is an example of how to align and be compelling without selling or pitching anything whatsoever. Comment to let me know your own take on this approach! Don’t worry – in these other videos you can get some more ideas on how to pull it off yourself.

Tips on Growing Your Group!

This is a doozy.

One of the most asked questions I receive is ‘How do I grow my group!’.

There are many ways to do this, some above board, and some not so nice ways to do it.

This is how I do it without pitching or begging or paying Facebook.

Mindset to Set Yourself Apart

Here I chat about some of the actual MINDSETS that are absolutely necessary in order to set yourself apart among the crowd.

Yes, there are actual steps and actions you will learn to help you stand out, but this is the most important step – before we actualy get up and do anything.

Track Those Triggers!

If you took the bootcamp, you know all about these triggers. If you are in the Academy – oh boy are you implementing them!

It can be a lot! Especially when it comes to making sure that every person in your community get the benefit of each of the triggers.

This is the ‘machine’ I built to help us all manage it all!

Strategies and how to pick one and pivot

Whether you are using the Heartfelt strategy or building a funnel or trying to figure out attraction marketing, you need to know if that strategy is working for you – and how to pivot when you deem it isn’t quite working the way you need it  to

How Exactly I Do It!

Here I chat about some of the actual MINDSETS that are absolutely necessary in order to set yourself apart among the crowd.

Yes, there are actual steps and actions you will learn to help you stand out, but this is the most important step – before we actualy get up and do anything.

How did this Happen?

So, who is Jessa? Where did she come from? How did she do this? What is her story?

Here you will learn everything from my favorite food to my two addict parents all of the way through to how the Heartfelt Movement was created and why I market my business the way that I do. Ask more questions in the comments!

The Entrepreneurial Break - Yikes!

Oh, it’s real! Most of my clients actually come to me initially deep in the throws of an entreprenurial break. It can seem scary and as if there is no way out!

Let’s reframe this for you.

This phase is actual VITAL to your success – depending on how you deal with it anyway.

Cold Messaging -to do it or not- Just do it right...

I always make sure that I discuss topics that are important to my people – whether I subscribe to them or not – it is my job to make sure you have all of the knowledge to make proper decisions for your business. 

Now, I personally don’t cold message – but if you absolutely must – watch this training. 

Being your own Case Study - Vulnerability.

Vulnerability – one of your biggest secret weapons in the war against pitchy pushy marketing and all of the ‘noise’ that everyone else is making in your industry.
This is like a magic wand! Ask questions in the comments so we can make it work for you!

The Power of Giving #1

How on EARTH do I give SO much and still maintain a lucritive business?
It’s all about balance and making sure that you get what is coming to you as well!
The universe love balance, so if you tip the scale a bit in other’s favor, they will tip back equally to yours!

The Power of Giving#2

I LOVE giving you all exactly how and why I do exactly what I do.
The proof is in the pudding, but sometimes we need the actual recipe to truly believe!
So, here is my own personal proof.
Again, ask questions! I am an open book!

Growing Your Group!!!

This is the most commonly asked question:
“How do I grow my group like you do!”
Well, here it all is. No holds barred, my system.
Also, this is a quick look at what it’s like to work from home as a mom – Ellington fell and banged his head. Thank goodness for Daddy!

Your Competition: Where you fit in.

Let’s rework the way you think about your ‘place’ in your industry.
Especially if you are new, you may be feeling a bit of doubt or even imoster syndrome…
Here is an analogy that will help you!

Using Bots/Email

Once again, I invite you to literally copy what  do, step by step!
Things like bots and email marketing do have their place – but you need to have a foundation first (ie: the free bootcamp!

Doing Epic FB Lives!

This lesson is all about showing up!
What do do, how to do it, and how to present your information in a way that sticks with people, and makes people stick with you!
Ask questions! I keep an eye out – so you can be sure you will get a speedy answer!

My System in a Nutshell

This one looks a bit silly – but I was super excited to finally find a way that visually describes how the Heartfelt system works!
It is so simple, yet lacks redundancy in a way that makes it important that each step is done perfectly!

Get Followers & clients

There are so many ways to grow your following – but this way is sure to get those followers eager to become your client!
Ask questions! You know I am here to help!

Productivity for LOA

Yes, I employ the Laws of the Universe! Well, we all do – intentionally or not.
This lesson is all about how I use my own productivity and accountability system to intentionally use the Law of Attraction.

Prioritizing and Work Blocks

“Jessa! How the *&$# do you get it all done!?! It seems like you are everywhere doing everything!
Yes, it does seem that way – because it IS that way!
Here is how I manage my group, take care of my clients, be an Author and Speaker, AND nurture my family without burning out.

The Power of the Boot Camp!

We all know that doing things like boot camps is a good idea…
This system is all about using it to do everything from automating your engagement to saving you LOADS of time and headache.
Again, ask questions and do the work!

Your Message with Power

There are only 3 Tenets to the Heartfelt Business system. This is the first one – and it is POWERFUL.
I’m not one to beg, but seriously, DO THE HOMEWORK!
You will thank yourself tomorrow!

Giving with Balance

This is the second Heartafelt Business Tenet, and is a foundational element of how I go about my business every single day.
There is in fact a way to give 100% to your community and not #1. Burn Out #2 Go Broke #3. Give it all Away

Do the Right Work - Always

The final Heartfelt Business Tenet is all about doing the right work, the right way.
Knowing what to do can be tricky if you don’t have a compass of some sort – let’s get you that ASAP!

The following lessons are intermediate looks at the 10 Heartfelt Psychological Triggers

If you havent’ taken the bootcamp, I highly suggest you stop here and do that so you know what we are going on and on about!

If you aren’t a member of the Incubator that shows you how to implement these plus the final 5 conversion triggers in order, 

Trigger #1-They are in the right place

Trigger #2 - Like and Trust - For Real

Trigger #3 - You Have What they need.

Targeting & Engagement - Personalized

Our regularly scheduled program was delightfully interrupted by a member in need!
She really was struggling with a few different aspects of the system, and we figured it out together!

Trigger #4 - You are Qualified - Yes!

Trigger #5- Give More than You Need to!

Bend a Spoon!

Yes, really!

If you need a mindset shift watch me bend a thick stainless steel spoon with Miche’s guidance.



A deep Dive Into Monetizing Groups

Yes, really!

I can’t say enough about how powerful a community of alligned and motivated people can be for your business. Let’s take a deeper look at the elements and feelings you want to incorporate in your group. 

Using Your Subconscious to Get Business!

This is powerful. I now do this exercise religiously to bring inspire action and turn it into each ne uplevel I intend to happen. 


Splash Onto the Scene #1

You CAN and should simply pop onto the scene in your industry and rock it. 

Say goodbye to the idea that it ‘takes time to build’ and ‘patience is a virtue’. 

Your people need you NOW!

Splash Onto the Scene #2

Once you’ve decided what to shake up and how, there is one BOLD move I need you to take so that the world wakes up and sees you.

Watch as I walk Karen through this step and help her shake things up.

Note: Karen got 4 clients within 24 hours after doing this.

Splash Onto the Scene #3

“You were not put here to face reality. You are here to CREATE it!”

If you havn’t become familiar with the 10 psychological triggers yet, here is where you can distill them down and truly CREATE a new reality basedon the paradigm that you can and should break for your people!