Finally, to round everything out, I give you some acctionable tips on content. The previous days were pretty introspective and heavy, so here is how I put it all together in my actual posting.
Below is an ouline of the entire bootcamp for you.
Again, reach out any time if you need anything else from me!

All of the checklists for you!

Day 1:
First 5 Psychological Triggers:

  1. They are in the right place (they can feel it in their bones!)

(The features & benefits chart: )

  1. You can solve their problem  
  2. They like and trust you 
  3. You are qualified (both logically and emotionally) 
  4. You are willing to take the time to educate them and that what you offer for free is just the tip of the iceberg.


Day 2:
Second 5 Psychological Triggers:

  1. You clearly show the benefits of your product or service.


  1. There is proof from other people that there is value in what you are offering.


  1. Your product or service is a logically sound investment and there is no risk involved.  
  2. They understand very clearly how to follow through with the conversion process and what will happen next.  
  3. They feel appreciated.


Day 3:
The 4 Behavioral Conversion Phases

  1. Discovery 
  2. Research 
  3. Decision 
  4. Conversion


Day 4:  
Breakdown of an offering that will convert:
1.The name of your offerings should not be “Package 1, Package 2” They should be almost like a USP for the package.

  1. Briefly describe the package with from:to language and a time reference for the transformation to begin:

    3. Be clear about what it is you will help them to avoid. (This speaks to trigger #8 – it is a logically sound investment)- but end it with something positive – like a kindness sandwich.

  2. Be very specific about what the package looks and feels like.  
  3. Be very clear about the extras and perhaps unexpected support they will be getting from you.

  4. Describe who the package is for:
  5. Your call to action should be ACTIONABLE – most service providers will have the next step be a conversation.

Day 5:
Content and Engagement

  1. Use the 80/20 rule 
  2. Use authentic content  
  3. Post 4 times/day especially in the beginning.  
  4. If you can only post twice per day speak to the people in the Discovery Phase and in the Decision Phase.  
  5. Follow/Friend people 
  6. Join groups – but give value before sharing your offering 
  7. Get creative with how you walk people through the 10 triggers

BONUS! Here is the spreadsheet that we all use to keep track of all of our Facebook Touches!