About Jessa Grace

Odds are there are a lot of thoughts, ideas, and feelings swarming around in your head right about now…

That’s a good thing! It means you are leaning in and truly experiencing the moment!

Let’s add some context to what you are experiencing now by introducing you to myself, my mission, and my vision.

I am Jessa Grace – Business Consultant to the collective innovators of our time.

I have served all businesses types: from bakeries to brokerages, and from coaches to churches. All who are aligned and have a bigger vision for what they do, who they impact, and how they want to make it happen. 

As a life-long entrepreneur, mother of 2 (almost 3), former international model, avid world traveler, and successful large scale media/marketing/strategy innovator for more than a decade –  I have learned a lot about myself, the way the world turns, and how we ‘work’.

There is one central piece that rings true for me, and for my clients – GROWTH is paramount. Without personal, financial, and spiritual growth – we are simply surviving.

As I grow my intuition and my innovation mold into ONE super power.

Conventionally, I am a ‘business coach’… but my approach…

Is it conventional? No… but what is? Is what you do (or how you do it) conventional? If it is, consider if it was considered conventional even 20 years ago… what paths are you blazing? How and why?

Your personal growth and your worldly purpose are meant to work together. I am here to help. My purpose is to bring us all to a place where our personal and professional worlds come together in a way that serves the collective so the collective can serve future generations and heal past collective traumas by nurturing both our spirits and our bank accounts.

In this way we are helping each other to experience true freedom, sustainability, connection, and growth… Unconventional much?

HOW do I do this… I’m so glad you asked. My highest ‘paid’ superpower is my ability assimilate for people. To truly see their truth, their light, and their purpose even more clearly than they see it themselves. With your TRUTH we co-create your business based on your own ‘design’.

I and my business thrive on my ability to harness my own intuitive genius. I am able to harness my client’s emerging truths, ideas, purposes and opportunities that seem to be just out of their vision.

If you don’t truly feel ‘at home’ with your vision or mission – I am here to help you build that home.

If you feel detached from the ‘how’ yet overly attached to the ‘why’ – I am here to help.

What makes me an Innovator?

Innovation and vision are two very powerful yet different things.

Ideas and plans are two different manifestations.

A vision is powerful enough to move people emotionally, while a plan to execute it is enough to move people viscerally.

We tend to think that innovators are lucky or born and bred geniuses…

We all know people who have “great ideas” or “million dollar visions” yet cannot seem to do anything powerful with them.  

The truth of innovation is something different.

It relies on the truth that the outward manifestations of our innovations rely on our inward resources.

Innovation is the marriage of idea and intuitive movement combined.

Innovators honor that they have ideas that stem from strong feelings that are derived from our own conditioning, lack, and experience – and honor their ability to see them as gifts rather than limitations. That is the foundation of innovation.

Need+Honor=Seed of Solution.

But, this is only the foundation. There is more to this equation than society perceives in all great innovators.

We can have all of the tools, teachers and tech, but none of the necessary inner resources, and fail to create.

Hence in-novation.

When we look inward we see more connections between what is and what can be.

The deeper we look the more we are able to fill in the space between what is and can be – and PLAY.

We can also have none of the outward tools and resources, but be a nurtured and resourced individual, and have all that we need at our disposal to create, manifest, and grow any idea, want, or desire.

The ultimate manifestation of innovation is a balanced and cohesive inner and outward co-existence.

The Greater Good Innovations experience aims to help you to create and nurture a true sense of presence in your business and life so you can innovate and manifest with ease, joy, and fulfillment.

In this way you create what you desire and finally feel the fulfillment of it rather than innately follow the program of “and next…”

Your GGI experience will help you to map out, follow, and witness your unique growth and innovation needs, style, and cycle so that it becomes part of your newly integrated reality.

Your innovations are more about how you are than what you do.

How are you?
Are you ready? 

Whatever your growth journey entails, bring it all to your GGI Experience. Whatever modalities, processes, or tools you use to grow personally can and should be integrated into how you grow in abundance in all areas of your life, including your business. If you are looking for more or deeper personal development, I have incredible options for you as well!

Your GGI experience will help you to find the inner resources you need to innovate AND give you specific structures, systems, tools, and support (and even shortcuts) to help you to grow and nurture your creations into profitable manifestations.


Who am I and what makes me an Innovator?

I am Jessa Grace, Innovation Consultant and Master Assimilator. I identify with my calling to serve those of us with visions for better and bigger realities that meld, honor, and incorporate all levels of consciousness and reality.
We all have many threads of possibility and timelines. My passion lies in innovating by weaving these threads into potentials, realizations, and finally clearly manifested realitites.

How do I innovate?

-I innovate by seeing options where others see failure.

-I innovate by constantly seeING how things work together that weren’t “manufactured” to coexist.

-I innovate by creatively collaborating with seeming unnatural allis or even direct ‘competition’.

-I innovate by refusing to see lack as a void, but rather a “holding space” for what is to come.

-I innovate by seeing clear connections between patterns, processes, emotions, and possible timelines in a way that utilizes all four pieces to create a whole idea that naturally manifests into a reality, product, service, or even way of life. I do this by magnetizing myself or my clients by honoring all four components.

-I innovate by understanding that everything is connected and there are no accidents or coincidences – only lessons and opportunities.

-I understand on a higher level that there is a deeper reason or purpose to everything, and all opportunities are set for us to become a part of a solution, connection, resource, or timeline.

-I innovate by often “Doing what I can with what I have now, until I can create something better” rather than do nothing until the ideal manifestation comes through.

All the while collecting resources of, for, and from all dimensions. Whether they be people, currency, connections, philosophies, or an entierly new paradigm… I collect and disperse. I collect and delegate. I grow and serve however necessary to bring my or my client’s visions to life.

Notice that all of the above are resourced inwardly. I am inwardly resourced enough to the point where my ’superpowers’ are so finly tuned that growth and abundance follow me wherever I go. If I show up, you can rest assured that abundance is my +1.—

Like the most powerful innovators in our society, I understand the truth of my energetic ecosystem and my place, responsibility, and ability within it.

I bring to the table the key qualities of innovation:

-Playfulness (let’s just play ‘what if?’)
-Trust in intuition AND following instinct beyond conditioning, filters, cultural imprints, and perceived truths.

Are you ready to initiate and assimilate with me?

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Who do I serve?

This proprietary business model has worked for everyone from Mortgage Banks to Childcare Facilities – Fashion Designers to Holistic Practitioners – Solopreneurs to Large Scale Operations…

If your business is one that strives to do more than ‘make’ or ‘offer’ things, but rather Make Change and Offer Opportunities, this is a Heartfelt approach that will help you to not simply grow a business, but rather create a Culture, Community and Movement around your message and purpose.