Heartfelt Collective

A sustainable, scalable and profitable coaching model with a foundation on giving, caring and nurturing. (Plus a free website like this, minus custom integrations, built for conversion!)

Finally, a coaching business model based on helping, that serves both the client and the coach.

Other coaches will tell you, “Raise Your Prices!”

I am telling you, “Give it Away! Help those who need you most!”

I will show you how I do this, and still maintain my global lifestyle, work fewer hours than my expensive counterparts, and am growing as fast as my imagination moves.

Visualize it. Doesn’t it already feel so right – so good?

The Story – From the Beginning:

It all started December 27th, 2017. I put the word out that I had 2 pro-bono spots in my business for the coming year. 

36 people responded desperately needing my help!

First, I was excited – Wow! What a great response! Then, I was broken inside – I simply CAN’T say no to 34 people Finally, I was excited beyond measure – I get to help all of them! (By now, you probably are sensing that saying no to people is not my strong suit).

Being a business strategist, it was a welcome and exciting challenge! I tinkered and trialed, and pivoted. I hemmed and hawed and observed. My beautiful experiment turned into a powerful and profitable business model!

(I am starting to see a pattern in my life by now!)

Click here to listen to one of the many interviews outlining the why, how, spirit, and details of this program and the Heartfelt Movement.

STEP 1: Analysis

This program and certification isn’t for everyone.

If you know anything about the Heartfelt brand of coaching, you know it is anything but quick and dirty. You also know that there are steps, processes, and systems that must be done absolutely to the best of your ability in order to succeed. Here is a general breakdown of how we will approach your coaching, branding, and strategy.

It is an intense training and alignment process that is not for the lookie-loos, the dabblers, or the hobbyest among the coaching world. 

This is for people with real power and grit behind them as well as a heart of gold and passion for helping. 

Our first session with be 90 minutes in which we analyze your business and your branding. 

We will assess each element of your business starting with clarity and working all of the way through exposure and your offerings. 

This analysis will tell us where you need to ‘turn up the volume’ and where we need fill in some holes. 

You will also speak with our lead designer about your business, your message, and what you want your branding to ‘say’ about yourself and your offerings. 

Clarity and vision are the key goals with this step. I want you to feel in your bones the excitement and reality of what you are signing up for. 

This first step has changed lives!

step 2: initiation

Once your submission has been accepted we celebrate!

How do we celebrate?

With dedicated exposure and a catch up plan that will speed you through the foundational set-up so you are on the same page as everyone!

We do this because we are serious. We are serious about your business, and we are serious about getting people your help as soon as possible (without burning out, of course).

Once we have clarified your niche, USP, and message you will meet the rest of the heartfelt coaches and then be introduced fromally as a member of the Heartfelt Collective!

During these first 3 months you can expect to see me every week at least once. There will be two group sessions each week that you can attend or watch the replays of. 

The supplemental training and coaching looks and feels different for everyone based on your current knowledge, your learning style, your life circumstances etc. Expect some group trainings with the Heartfelt Collective as well! 

We are not trying to plug you and your coaching business into a program, we are actually building your own strategy on the Heartfelt foundation, community, visibility, and structure.


1:1 Heartfelt Coaches will receive an initial 30 consecutive days of coaching and will have the ability to have weekly 1:1 sessions with me as you see fit. This is a faster more specialized approach. 

STEP 3: launch

Once you and I both feel you have the fundamental pieces in place to launch your Heartfelt business we will announce you and get you into the ‘exposure cycle’ so you can open with a bang!

Your training will not have ended here. As your dedicated business coach, I am here for you for the duration of your Heartfelt journey. We will be working together 1:1 (If you choose that path), in group sessions, and in opportunities such as masterminds, intensives, and dedicated sessions.

We will launch you with the fundamental necessities, and build your business, programs, and systems with more intermediate elements after you have launched.


Because the idea is to get you helping people and being profitable early, and build on that. Think of this model of coaching/launching as you would taste testing a recipe as you make it.

You want to know what it tastes like right? And, hey who isn’t a little hungry? This allows us to add some flavor to your program as we go!


Throughout your training and coaching – starting with our very first session – we will have been forming your most aligned growth strategy.

Once you have launched and have begun to get some traction and gotten your name out there in a powerful way we will begin implementing – step by step – the things you will need, the new tools you have, the new network you have created and become a part of, and the elements of the Heartfelt business model that work best for you, your modality, and your style.

Growth is the true fun part! The foundation gets you where you need to be, now, let’s have some fun once you are here! The options and opportunities are endless when you have a solid foundation, a message that resonates across platforms, generations, and audiences, and a powerful support system behind you.

Becoming a Heartfelt Coach ins’t just implementing a business coaching program. It is becoming part of a community, a network, and a family!

Achieve sustainability!


$450/month – or $5,000 up front. 

Lump sum payments will allow for 1:1 website building. 

Monthly payments will allow for access to the template and website building trainings. 

Please note:

Your Heartfelt Certification is a priveledge, not a right. If any of the other Heartfelt Coaches feel that you are not upholding the values, standards, and expectations of a truly Heartfelt coach and individual, action will be taken first, to get you back on track. If the offense or behavior is aggregious, your certification can be revoked with out reimbursement. 


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