Success is an art. Success is a Practice:

These are just a taste of the practices and arts that you will be held accountable for during the next 30 days:

Practice the art of Presence

Don’t simply show up because you know it is necessary. Show up because you are called to show up and share fromyour overflow! Exude your abundance in a way that magnetizes you to your message and your people to you! 

Practice the art of Consistency

Creating momentum requires consistency – but not the type of consistency that is drudgery. Consitely show up for yourself and your people from a newly wired sense of self control, respect, and efficacy. 

Practice the art of Momentum

Momentum isn’t simply ‘always growing’ it is always growing with INTENTION and INTEGRITY. Your quantum leaps are waiting for you to step in and step up!

Practice the art of Innovation

Innovation is an IN-ward practice. Find your alignment, truth, and power so that innovative ideas and solutions ooze from your essence. 

Practice the art of Resiliancy

There will be difficult times. There will be unexpected bumps in the road. Nobody knows what 2021 is going to bring us, but we can be certain we rise to and above any occasion that rises. 

Practice the art of Vulnerability

Authenticity starts inside of you so that you can exude it outwardly. Being truly authentic requires you to look inside of yourself, see the truth (and the perceived truths) and DO something – with, for, and about those truths. 

Practice the Art of Boldness

Boldness is a part of balance. We must honor the bold moves and brave choices we make every day. Making regular decisive bold moves consistently will elevate and activate your abundance. 

Practice the art of Grace

On the flip side of boldness is grace. Staying elegant and clear headed while making powerful decisions will keep your steady, supported, and seen as a true leader and example of abundance. 

Practice the art of Self-Growth

Never settle. Never meet a goal and stay there. Manifest quickly and manifest that next thing even faster using all of the reqiring and wisdom you acquired from the previous manifestation. Go, keep going, and serve the Greater Good while you do it! 

About Me

Who am I and what makes me an Innovator?

I am Jessa Grace, Innovation Consultant and Master Assimilator. I identify with my calling to serve those of us with visions for better and bigger realities that meld, honor, and incorporate all levels of consciousness and reality.

We all have many threads of possibility and timelines. My passion lies in weaving these threads into potentials, realizations, and finally clearly manifested realities.

How do I innovate?

-I innovate by seeing options where others see failure.

-I innovate by constantly seeing how things work together that weren’t “manufactured” to coexist.

-I innovate by creatively collaborating with seeming unnatural allis or even direct ‘competition’.

-I innovate by refusing to see lack as a void, but rather a “holding space” for what is to come.

-I innovate by seeing clear connections between patterns, processes, emotions, and possible timelines in a way that utilizes all four pieces to create a whole idea that naturally manifests into a reality, product, service, or even way of life. I do this by magnetizing myself or my clients by honoring all four components.

-I innovate by understanding that everything is connected and there are no accidents or coincidences – only lessons and opportunities.

-I understand, on a higher level, that there is a deeper reason or purpose to everything. All opportunities are set for us to become a part of a solution, connection, resource, or timeline.

-I innovate by often “Doing what I can with what I have now, until I can create something better” rather than do nothing until the ideal manifestation comes through.

All the while collecting resources of, for, and from all dimensions. Whether they be people, currency, connections, philosophies, or an entirely new paradigm… I collect and disperse. I collect and delegate. I grow and serve however necessary to bring my or my client’s visions to life.

Notice that all of the above are resourced inwardly. I am inwardly resourced enough to the point where my ’superpowers’ are so finely tuned that growth and abundance follow me wherever I go. If I show up, you can rest assured that abundance is my +1.—

Like the most powerful innovators in our society, I understand the truth of my energetic ecosystem and my place, responsibility, and ability within it.

I bring to the table the key qualities of innovation:

-Playfulness (let’s just play ‘what if?’)
-Trust in intuition AND following instinct beyond conditioning, filters, cultural imprints, and perceived truths.

Are you ready to inovate and assimilate with me?


“Jessa has a brilliant mind for business and marketing. She knows how to innovate, package, and monetize your business and she does it with with a unique combo of heart, integrity, and empathy.”


“Meeting Jessa last year was a truly serendipitous encounter which has been a total blessing and has touched me in many ways. Having struggled alone feeling alone and getting nowhere for years, I have joined many of Jessa’s extraordinary, unique, revolutionary, step-by-step information-rich programmes. Now, I am more clear, focused and confident in developing my grand vision / dream company.

The amount of time, energy and expertise Jessa offers is unparalleled. The approach Jessa has designed is all-encompassing in addressing the individual processes required to set up a business — the transformation of your idea into a comprehensive plan, with unlimited potential for growth.
The fact that her consulting is tailored and dedicated to supporting those who want to help others is refreshing and reassuring.
If you are growing a business with a sense of consciousness, this is the place for you.
Jessa Hargrove truly is a genius, star-angel goddess in huwoman form. ✨💗✨

-Bee Curacao

– London, UK

-Bee Curacao

“Jessa is an answer to every entrepreneur’s prayer. Her business wisdom and heartfelt ingenuity will transform your business beyond your wildest dreams.”