...I've landed my first 1 on 1 client...

Day 3 -I am only days into my one on one coaching month with Jessa and I’ve landed my first 1 on 1 client and the momentum is already flowing! We seriously just started on Tuesday.
If you’re on the fence about doing the one of a kind coaching EVERYDAY with Jessa, stop what you’re doing and sign up now.

This sh** works! Do it!!!

Day 18 – The old saying “Proof is in the pudding” is so true. Does Jessa‘s 30day momentum work?
It does!!! I am so thrilled to see how the numbers grew in my FB group over the last month.
Following Jessa’s day coaching tips my group grew by 40 members and the engagement increased!!!
If you have hesitated to sign up, don’t! This sh** works! Do it!!! Love you, Jessa!

...potential clients the right way...

Day 13 – and counting! I am amazed with the speed and paced at which we are moving…….. Talk about momentum!!!!! Today was more of me “Owning” my craft:) And I think I did pretty damn well! My biggest takeaway from today’s session was the lesson that had to do with engaging with potential clients the right way, and we all know that if you know Jessa, there seems to be a science to it (which allows you to accomplish 3 things at once)…. #thisgirlisgood

...most I've accomplished in a single week ...

Day 4 – I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve accomplished in a single week in so many ways since starting my business. And it’s only Day 4 with Jessa. I enjoyed reflecting on my progress so far, relishing a little self care, and outlining what needs to be tweaked for next week….Life is good.

Scenario #1

You’ve got an idea, vision, or passion… but aren’t sure where to start, or even where you left off anymore…

You find yourself doing ‘things’ to get ‘stuff’ done, but you aren’t even sure if you are going in the right direction, doing the right things, or even where it is all going sometimes. 

You just can’t seem to put it all together in a way that…

A. Works, and B. Feels right. 

How many of these have you heard spinning around in your head?

-What should I really be DOING right now?

-Is this really going to work or is this a pipe dream?

-If this is such a good idea, why isn’t someone else doing it?

-Who am I to think I can do this?

-What if it doesn’t work?

-I really need this to work NOW! The anxiety is creeping in!

—And the list goes on an on. Imposter syndrome mixed with lack of direction and momentum can be paralyzing! 

Scenario #2

It’s all coming together, from day 1! You’ve got this because you know someone who has been there and done it (time after time) has your back. 

You know that you will wake up tomorrow knowing exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it, and that there is a literal COMMITTED EXPERT to support you.

You don’t worry about much other than nurturing your people into your business.

Maybe you have a potential client on the line that you are a tiny bit nervous about closing, but you know Jessa’s got your back – it’s practically a done deal. 

Your spiritual growth feels exciting, fun, and fulfilling as you show, be, and share your growth, insights, and ah ha moments with those around you.

You are a beacon – and inspiration – just like you have always known you can be. It’s always been a part of who and how you are – now you are doing it all intentionally. 

I am so excited to show you exactly how I managed to create all of this for myself. It isn’t difficult, it is just different. 

Rewire - For the Greater Good

30 Consecutive Days of Coaching and Support.

Research shows that it takes 30 days or more

(depending on your level of accountability)

to create an entirely new paradigm for yourself. 

"Jessa is an answer to every entrepreneur’s prayer. Her business wisdom and heartfelt ingenuity will transform your business beyond your wildest dreams." (click for more about this client's journey)

“After my first session with Jessa I felt inspired and motivated. I knew I was in the right place.

Jessa has a brilliant mind for business and marketing. She knows how to innovate, package, and monetize your business and she does it with with a unique combo of heart, integrity, and empathy.

After just a few weeks of working with Jessa I have momentum, revenue, and a renewed joyous heart. My FB group has doubled, we created a new offer that is in heartfelt high-demand, revenue is flowing like never before, and my heart is overflowing with love because I am serving my community at a new level!

Thank you Jessa for responding to every question big and small. Thank you for reaching out and checking in with me constantly! Thank you making me feel like my mission matters.

Jessa is an answer to every entrepreneur’s prayer. Her business wisdom and heartfelt ingenuity will transform your business beyond your wildest dreams.”

How it works:

Your next 30 days will consist of you literally turning your vision into a reality.

Action step after action step, we will put the pieces together so that what you ultimately create is viable, scalable, and marketable. 

While we are doing this we will also be working together to build and maintain new skills, perspectives, and mental and emotional resiliancy that will re-wire your entrepeneurial spirit for abundance, diversity, and self empowerment that is magnetic and prosperity creating. 

These new life skills will carry you into your future with ease, grace, and abundance! 


This program isn’t for everyone.

It is an intense training and alignment process that is not for the lookie-loos, the dabblers, or the hobbyest among the coaching world. 

This is for people with real power and grit behind them as well as a heart of gold and passion for helping. 

We will assess each element of your business starting with clarity and working all of the way through exposure and exactly how you will be serving others with your vision and mission. 

This analysis will tell us where you need to ‘turn up the volume’ and where we need fill in some holes. 


This is not a typical coaching scenario.

Instead of 1 one hour session a week with homework, you will have 3 weekly live coaching sessions and unlimited daily messenger coaching with daily energetic and tangible upgrades for you and your business. 

Every single day you will have objectives that will move you forward. 

Every. Single. Day.

(ok, not weekends, I’m not a drill sergeant)

Each day we will assess your steps so far, map out your next best objective for the day, and incorporate any tools, resources, connections, or elements I and my team may have for you. 

You will be working diligently and with purpose to create a business that is balanced, prosperous, and powerful. 


Imagine your business is a tire rolling down a hill – it is gaining momentum beautifully until suddenly it loses balance and topples over… In order to regain that momentum you’d have to start all over again at the top… let’s prevent this! 

Specifically in a business where your spirituality and your business are integrating, we focus on the balance between what we refer to as the ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ sides of your business.

The ‘Masculine’ side of your business is your branding, structure, etc.

The ‘Feminine’ side of your business is your exposure, availability, modality,  energetic signature etc.

We will work together daily to create, maintain, and integrate all of the elements of your vision, mission, and message. 


Achieve sustainability for the foreseeable future:

  • What do you need to offer?
  • How will you ensure that your income meets and exceeds your needs and wants?
  • How do you want to live and work?
  • Do you want to have recurring income or do you want to sell packages?  Both?

Once we have decided your strategy we will collect resources and systems for each element of your strategy, map out the plan, and put dates and objectives to each step.

The sky is the limit, but we need to measure how to get there, what you want that to look and feel like, and exactly what your boundaries are. 

The number one element to sustainability is control. Control of your boundaries, expectations, hard yesses, and hard nos.  


As an added bonus, I am gifting everyone who takes this step with me free access to my Innovation Institute where you will have free access to every single workshop, masterclass, mastermind, or program that I have ever done in the past and will ever do in the future. 

Click here to see all of the trainings included in this free bonus. 

This honestly can’t be given a dollar value because it will never stop giving you value and growth opportunities. However, the past programs that are waiting for you in the Institute are well over $10,000 worth of growth, empowerment, and practical applications for you. 


Each project is different,

So let’s schedule a heart to heart to see what you need from me, what you DON’T need from me, and how we can work together to move your vision forward.